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Dark Elf

Finished yesterday for fun. : )
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Someone has reposted your art without giving credit.…
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I have a question regarding permission to use this art piece as a cover photo on my wattpad story called Companions and Rebels. I would credit you of course, and if you would rather me not use it I will most likely find another artwork and hopefully get permission or draw my own. Thank you for your time 
InSeRt-liFe's avatar
Oh i love this! rough brush strokes like these take a impressive level of skill to look this good!
JellyBN's avatar
This is so pretty!!! I love her eyes and hair
Norton83's avatar
Impressive! That's a real piece of art. Beautiful.
pandagulung's avatar
made from sai or photoshop?
Butjok's avatar
it's photoshop
Amriah's avatar
Love the eyes. :D
StaceyS's avatar
Stunning use of lighting.
Voena's avatar
You do beautiful work! Love the painterly feel of this. :)
GoblinCrusher94's avatar
Nice to see someone make a female elf beautful without resorting to to bikini armor ;)
S-SimeonoV's avatar
Wow ,thats awesomeee.
barret926's avatar
Pretty good~! Nice work!
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Dear Friend
Your Fabulous artwork is featured in
:iconart-portraits: ...and...:iconaction-portraits:
become ART-PORTRAITS's member you are Most welcome!!! ...:heart:
Pete-Mitchell's avatar
Wonderful colours, I can see this fitting perfectly as an avatar for games like Neverwinter Nights. Great job!
canadianxeno's avatar
Just found your stuff, INSTA FAVE!!
Hunter-Gibson's avatar
Make this available as a print! I MUST have it for my room as the starter piece for my apartment. This picture has just captivated me, excellent work!
ValkyrieKago's avatar
Dark elves are always pretty.
Though I can't ever come up with a decent design for my charas....especially around the hair area. ;n;
Dilvish585's avatar
Общим видом очень напоминает лучницу Ash из League of legends))
Кстати, разве темные эльфы были с таким цветом кожи?)
А вообще очень глаза нравятся, они светящиеся такие..
Butjok's avatar
Я вообще ни на что не опирался, просто рисовал что пришло в голову.
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Великолепно, просто великолепно.
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