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Sort of.  See you in about a fortnight   Fish 
I've been creating images in Daz Studio for a number of years and have built up a lovely band of loyal followers - 1,256 watchers on Deviantart and over 4,000 followers on Tumblr.  This is my hobby and I enjoy it, when I have the time. 

I was, for a while contemplating using Patreon to raise money, but I don't have the commitment for the regular output that's required, in other words, I'm too lazy :nod:  I also think, expecting people to pay to view new images isn't fair on my existing watchers. 

So, in a nutshell, I've created an account at; just think of it as a big butch tip jar.  I want the ko-fi account to stay public, so there will be nothing NSFW uploaded to it.  If you feel so inclined, wander over to my account ( and treat me to a cup of coffee.  You don't have to, I'll just start putting clothes on my models, if you don't EVIL Laughter! 

Finally, depending on how things go, I'm considering creating either a 2019 calendar or a small pdf book of my images.  If, and that's a very big if, I manage to get either created, they'll probably be for sale, to cover the cost of any software that I need to buy. 

I thank you for you time and will now let you pop over to and tell me that you love me :bow: :hug:
:red fish: 

Some things just take time to happen - like actually using the twitter account that I set up 7 years ago.  So, if you want to receive a tweet saying I've uploaded a new picture to deviantart, renderotica or my Daz3d gallery, you can find me @butchsl3d .
Not enough hours in the day, at the moment. 
Just to continue my overnight success for a little longer.  I now present my appearance in:

Issue 18 is all about "Tech" .  This is an online magazine (pdf format) that needs to be downloaded, to be viewed.

You're probably thinking, "what the hell's this link?".  Well, I've been featured in The Advocate Magazine and I'm rather chuffed with myself :D…
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I've had to do a fair bit of traveling around, lately, so not much time to the things I'd rather be doing (renders).  As far as I can tell, things are now back to normal.  Well, "normal" if you can call a record breaking heatwave "normal". 
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Being fond of a number of my characters, when Daz Studio released Genesis 3 Male, I've been wanting to transfer some of them across to the new mesh.  Finally, Genx2 for genesis 3 was released and off I went!!  Sadly, for me, it only worked once.  The rest of the time, following instructions, everything looked ok, until I dialled in the newly created morph on the g3m figure.  Nothing.  No matter what I did, nothing worked for me. Then, I had an epiphany.  Using Sickleyields marvelous  ([Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1 to G2), I managed to create a single dial for the character shape for G2M. 

Once the single dial had been created, just load in a fresh G2M, dial in the shape and start up genx2.  It was then a simple matter of choosing "selected morph" and selecting only the character shape that I'd created.  It's not perfect, but as you can see with my Ben character, it's pretty bloody close. 

Now, I just need to manage to convert skins, without pulling out any more hair. 
And I am buggered!!  Having packed up my house, arranged a removalist to move me 450km and driven more than 2,100km, I'm now officially a country boy.

Lots of sleep, to get the creative juices flowing, is needed. 
I'm back from my little break :)

But, I'm about to go on another little break, which is going to be a tad more interesting - I'm moving house (part 1).  Just to make it exciting for me, I'm moving 600km in a generally north-west direction... look at any map of Australia, pick a city/town and move your cursor in a northwesterly direction and you'll get an indication of where I'm about to go.  The logistics are fun !!  Disbelief 

Don't be surprised if I suddenly vanish for a while, I shall return. 

Been rather busy of late Psychotic  and now it's time for a short break, to recharge the batteries. 

Back to normal in a few days, I think. 

Hooroo Airborne 
when you actually plug the CPU cooler in correctly CURSE YOU! 
I'm back with a working pc.  New power supply and, just for the hell of it, upgraded to win10.  This may be an interesting week.
My render PC just broke Oops!   If I'm really lucky, it's just the power supply.  Urgh!!
Well, now that my weekend away's over :( and I'm refreshed, relaxed, sunburnt, tired and filthy (we went canyoning, in case you're nosey), I feel it's time to get back to work Nod
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I've had an account at Patreon (My Patreon Page) for quite some time now, but it's not the most helpful of sites, so I never really bothered with it.  This week, I started to playing with it properly :)  To me, it seems a bit like Amway... you too can make lots of money, just like these people in our adverts.  To begin with, ask your friends and family to become patrons. Yeah, right!!  Like I'm going to ask my aging mother to support me in the creation of homoerotic art.  As for my sisters, they know what I do, but it's not their cup of tea, so why would they pay for it?  So, trying not to alienate too many friends, I've started pushing my Patreon page on my tumblr page.  With almost 500 followers, surely one might consider becoming a patron.  But, then again, all my followers may run away... we'll see. 

On a totally different note, I bought a copy of "Dyncreator" from Renderosity the other day.  If you haven't heard of it, it's a Daz Studio script that converts stuff into dynamic cloth.  It's not perfect by any means and, in some instances, you may need 3d modelling skills, but for US$8 you can't go wrong. 

Too much talk, time for my nap.

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I think I'll take a dog for a walk and clear my head.
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It appears to have become 2016.  Happy New Year and may it be a wonderfully, fruitful and happy year for you :)
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a well made G3M male skin with no built in body hair and decent looking manly, unshaped eyebrows that come in dark brown and blonde-ish.  I'm not asking for too much, am I? 

But, have yourselves a happy and safe whatever you celebrate and spare the occasional thought for me, as I mutate into a non smoker. 

Hooroo for now!!