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Windows 7 Build 7057

By Butch123
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Windows 7 Build 7057

To install use TupeUp Utilities, you can get a 30 day evaluation copy at this link....[link]

Download Windows 7 Official Wallpaper Shown at PDC 2008 [link]

or Windows Seven PDC 2008 Wallpaper by ~dj-corny

1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200

1280 x 900
1440 x 990
1680 x 1050 [link]

Win 7 Build 7057 Login Screen by =Vishal-Gupta [link]

Windows 7 Build 7057 Logon Xp by ~Xonrick [link]

Windows 7 Volume mod for XP by ~fediaFedia [link]

Windows 7 7057 User Acct. Pic by ~xandir112 [link]

7 Build 7057 userpics by ~fediaFedia [link]

My other work

M7 [link]

Christmas [link]

Panorama [link]

Reflect [link]

Download W Seven XP windowblind at link [link]

Download W Seven Vista windowblind at [link]

Download DESIRE XP Vista [link]

As always comments are welcomed and appreciated
© 2009 - 2021 Butch123
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hi butch! it would be cool if you could update it, making transparency avaliable for vista home basic users (like me...) ( using this hack : [link])
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Fav'! Maybe you're the only one to keep the little animation at the right of the bottom shellstyle. Midth 60 works perfect in basic mode (iconized taskbar). Too bad it doesn't works in standart mode, text still remains... Otherwise, almost perfect! (and I test a lot of Win 7 VS)
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hey butch123 can you make a version of this visual style with small taskbar?
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I would download this and use ur work, but I cant stand that thick taskbar!
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Thank you very much Butch123. This is, I believe, the best visual style of Windows 7 for windows Vista in this forum. It is simply perfect specially the control panel and System properties sidebar colour. I have question Butch123 and hope you answer me. Do you know how I can get the UAC icon of windows 7 (the blue-yellow one) instead of the one in vista (the blue-red-green-yellow one). I cant really replace my imagerers.dll whatever I do. My vista sp 1 will stop working at once if I try to change it. Is there anyway to get this working? Yhank you again :):)
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Really? Maybe you should try this: [link]
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thank you very much, Have you tried icon packager?
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Very very nice done. Keep up the good work.
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thank you very much
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when you update this theme?
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Absolutely great!! Keep the good work ^^
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thank you very much
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Hi Butch.
I´m using this VS. But I wanted to use it as a Windowblinds.
Have you thought about making a Windowblinds with this VS?
That will be cool!
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Yes my friend, will be updateing my windows Seven Final to reflect the new in 7057, Should be by the end of the week..
emecoelho's avatar
I will be waiting.
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Here you go the windowblind Windows 7-Build 7057 XP Vista [link]
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thank you very much
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WOW Nice work
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Proper work mate!
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thank you very much
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