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I got some stuff to look forward to this year:

A new College course, Weddings to photograph this year (not sure if I am looking forward to that or dreading it,  and a new website to put into production.

Also got lots of experimentation with my
ND 3.0 filter and a new lens planned, if all goes to plan, possibly a new camera body too!.

Should keep me busy for a wee while.

What you guys got planned for 2012?



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To my D.A. Friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for putting up with my assorted images this year.
Nothing will change in the new Year - you'll still be bombarded with them on occasions! :)
I do hope that the Silly Season doesn't affect you too much - or if it does you'll at least have your camera handy so we can all see!
For 2012 I wish you all that you need and then some! Good health, prosperity, good working conditions, no car problems, ease in lifting the roll-a-door, lots of laughter, snazzy fingernails, whatever is good for you!
But I guess the thing I wish you the most is Happiness.

Merry Christmas, and All Good Things for the New Year.


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Well ok, I'm not actually leaving but I just love that book :
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (1984, ISBN 0-345-39183-7) The fourth book of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy" written by Douglas Adams.

What I did want to say though is..........THANK YOU.
Thanks for the faves - the Feedback and the Llamas.

I just wanted to say this on here, publically, in case I don't always get back to you and say thanks personally.

I appreciate the favourites, makes me really happy to think you guys like my images.

The llamas I still don't really get if I am honest......? what do I do with them? can I swap them, sell them or trade them? I dunno but if you give / gave me a llama, thank you, again it shows me you appreciate something I have said or done.

And lastly, for the feedback and friendship, THANK YOU.

Like most of us I love to hear from old and new friends and to get feedback on my pics is important and helps me to think more about what I am doing.

If I don't answer you personally for a favourite or llama, please know I truly appreciate it.

Take care guys

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  • Reading: Brian Lumley
  • Eating: Chocolate
  • Drinking: Tea, 2 sugars please :)
A formal Introduction........

I live in Central Scotland, Love nature and architechture in all it's forms.
We have some amazing historical landmarks in Scotland as well as mountains and scenery to die for, Sometimes you gotta travel to see it or even climb a hill, walk for miles, but it's worth the effort.

Took up photography some years ago but only recently got into it fully. Recently invested in a new Canon 550D, so far am delighted with the camera. Also got a 70-300mm lens too. Will look into a wide angle lens soon too. (need neverending funds for this hobby lol)

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, from 35mm cameras back in the 80's to Digital to DSLR today, I take pictures of everything that interests me, I often annoy the fmaily with my "snapping" but they all seem to enjoy looking back at the memories.
I'm quite wary of showing my pics as I am a real amatuer but I figure, I need some feedback and I'm a big boy, I can take criticism and advice. I've already met some real nice people here on DeviantArt I'm pleased to say and am awed by the quality and scope of the pictures I am seeing here.
Am experimenting now with portraits and Macro as well as "whatever catches my eye".

I generally only use colour correction in post editing or some cropping, much prefer the picture to tell the story than "shopping" it.
I am not adverse to using photoshop or manipulation in photographs, I just don't know the program well enough to try it, That's on my "to do" list :0)
Are there any other easy to use progs apart from Photoshop as that is also quite expensive.?

Please check out my gallery and feel free to leave feedback, .
Thanks for looking at my photographs.

So, have decided to purchase a new DSLR, BUT there's so much choice.................

I currently have a Lumix G10 - great little camera if I'm honest but I would like something more mainstream, Canon or Nikon maybe, what model would you guys recommend?

I appreciate that cost and availabilty is involved when buying, also new or used, also, what do I want ot do with the camera, all salient points, but am really looking for general advice, a camera that will allow me to kinda do most things, scenery and portraits (Not professionally)

I've looked at the Canon 500D and Nikon D80 so far, both look like good machines. The Nikon is a friend of mine's and he let me take a few pics with it too, feels good in the hand, takes great pics at 10 MP. is that enough? (daft question?) - The Canon was in-store so I couldnt use it as such, seems like a well equiped camera though.

Sorry if it's all a bit vague...............:0)

Would appreciate any advice or opinions.

So, Last night.....I thought I'll spend 10 to 15 minutes browsing through some Deviant Artists photographs while I have a quick cuppa.........

Well, nearly 3 hours later I  looked at the clock.  
One sharp intake of breath later!!

It amazes me how time just fades away when we get engrossed in something.

I love browsing through peoples Photographs, I get a lot from it too, might be an idea "I'll maybe try that angle next time" or even a whole new concept - macro or something interesting like that.  There are some really interesting folks sharing thier images here.

I just wish that the rest of the world would stop flying by so quickly when I am sat here.


This is a wee story about how fantastic Apps on the Android are!!

So, I went for a walk today up the Ochil hills (well, to be honest just one bit of one hill lol) I've got into the habit of taking my camera with me more or less everywhere I go now and today I had my camera in hand, case on my shoulder and tripod also on a shoulder strap.

I was snapping away, playing around with some close-ups and depth of field shots, also trying to get my head around aperture and shutter-speed while snapping away - it's a work in progress.......:0) and I bumped into another amateur photographer while up there which (I thought) was good, someone to chat to about a hobby we both share............. MISTAKE!!

Ever had a conversation with someone who knows everything about everything? It is so painful. I've always been a good listener, and am quite patient but ........ I made the mistake of asking him a question about shutter speeds and how his camera operates, and let's just say if it wasnt for my Android phone I'd probly still be there. I have an app that will ring you making it look like you just got a call. I had to use it today, This chap was harmless really and out of respect for him I just let him talk and talk, I actually got one wee tip out of him which was great but man, he went on and on and in major detail. After my "call" I excused myself and got away.

So, thank you Mr Android phone App inventor. :0)

Actually, in all honesty, it was nice for a wee while to chat cameras and stuff with someone new, but he was a little too intense. I wanted to take pics, not be lectured to, as it was I got a few pics I was happy with so it was a good day for me (I took 200+ and got maybe 20 I will keep) , Still plugging away with my new hobby.

It's fun isnt it?.

Is that your phone.....................?


I went out this morning with the  intention of taking a few photographs in the wee foresty bit which is right next to the park. It's been raining and the light is lovely so I figured I'd get some nice close ups of plants I'd seen last time I was there.

First thing to go wrong was, after getting in the car......... poking myself in the side of the head with the seatbelt, dont even know how I did that but it hurt.
Maybe I should have taken that as an Omen for the morning. I stopped in to a local supermarket and when I got back to the car, someone had Dinged the side of my car and drove off.
I could feel my stress levels heading skyward..... Got to the park to find a truck blocking the way in, it was loading up the debris from the winds we'd had recently, tree trunks and bushes uprooted etc.
I gave up at this point and came home. put the kettle on and proceeded to spill both the sugar and instant coffee everywhere while attempting to get them in my cup.
Some days are better when you stay in bed.
I fully intend to go out this afternoon..........with a riot shield and some bubblewrap for stress relief.

I've always enjoyed taking pictures, from 35mm cameras to Digital, always the compact models as point and shoot is easy and quick.
Have now ventured into DSLR territory with an entry level camera the Panasonic Lumix G10.

It's all for fun, education and to capture that moment in time I can look back on and smile, with great kids and beautiful grand-kids, plus living in Beautiful Scotland........there's lots of those moments!.

Am always open to new ideas regarding taking pics, for me a good picture doesnt have to be technically perfect, just has to convey something, whether it's an emotion, a message or a memory.
Ok, so new to deviantART even though I have looked on the site many times.
Decided to sign up and see what's what.


Hello Deviant peeps.