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When Life Gives You Lemons...

By bustboost
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Rearrange the Letters and Grow Some Melons! Breast expansion sequence, single panel! (You need to download the image to see it full size - it's really big.)

More here: [link]
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Don't worry, there are plenty of jobs that could use your new breasts.
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Great! More please.
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To read it, just download it on screen.

I trust that she HAS now learned to read the instructions first. On the other hand, 'large'(!?) looks good on her.

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Can't read any of it!  Too small to read, need to enlarge it. lol (Enlarge the words.)
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link is dead. right clicking it to save it so people can try to read it doesn't help. yeah ...... :/
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Very nice sequence dude!
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I realy like this, very well done - hope to see lotsof it more. And yes I agree - part 2 would be swelling
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Can't read, and the image doesn't get bigger
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Great! The cream made her not only huge breasted, but also curvier all over! She just needs a nice partner to make her feel comfortable with those magnifique assets. =D
Forcedlactationlover's avatar
She's quite pretty even before her boobs grow. Afterwards, ... WOW. I could make a somewhat indecent offer as to what to do with those lovely, big boobs at the end.
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Excellent! Nice job!
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*squints* Cn't read the text.
bustboost's avatar
You need to download the image. It's really big!
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Very nice sequence
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nice work! any chance for a sequel?
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incredible quality!
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Seems like here legs hips and butt plumped out a little too. Subtle but perfect, and adds so much...
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Is there a part two? The website makes it look like she's ges even bigger, and if there is a part 2 where would it be at? Awesome art btw
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