cereal:geek issue seven - pre-order NOW! :)

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The cereal:geek website has been updated and you can now pre-order issue seven! :)

cereal:geek website

Issue seven will be available in comic shops later this year - However, the more pre-orders taken now, the sooner it will be published, and the sooner you will receive the magazine...long before it hits the shelves! :)

Pre-orders worked incredibly well for issue six, and as a result that particular issue is on its way back from the printers! :)

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I'm considering pre-ordering it but does it have that Marvel Universe-style profile of April O'Neil?
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April appears in issue eight! :)
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You disappoint me Spartan.
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In case anyone is wondering, I ordered a couple of these and they are way worth it. I live in the US and it seemed a little expensive, but let me tell you, this is a high quality piece. It is closer to a book than anything else. The pages are very thick and glossy, the writing is so darn interesting and the artwork is all super cool original stuff.

I highly recommend it.
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Thanks for the kind words! :)