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cereal:geek 06 - COVER

As the theme of comics was continuing from the previous issue I thought that Spider-Man deserved a cover. Then I thought so too did his allies Iceman and Firestar! As Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends was quite a light-hearted show, I thought that a somewhat comical cover would be the order of the day. And so I sketched out the idea that Spider-Man was holding auditions for his Amazing Friends; looking towards the audience for help. NATHAN BAERTSCH re-illustrated my layout and made it look good! I then gave Nate's layout to ADAM MOORE who worked his magic and illustrated this beautiful piece. Finally, longtime cereal:geek colorist ANDREW CRAMER used his awesome talents to color the cover!

:iconlaemeur: - Adam Moore
:iconoicemano: - Andrew Cramer
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Thanks again for the opportunity to grace the cover of CG mate! Really enjoyed this one!
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After EVERYTHING you've colored over the years for cereal:geek it was logical that at some point you HAD to grace the cover! :)
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LOVE the Firestar and Iceman play. That's the cartoon that started my love for these characters and the comic world. Thanks for including them. This is very cool!
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Poor Spidey! :giggle: lovely cover there with Black Cat, Wolvy, Cap, Hulk (Though Marvel Adventures got them really good though with MA Avengers! awesome comic series!) & Mysterio (Seriously?) with Firestar & Iceman poking at each other! :D
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Yeah, the Firestar/Iceman gag was something Adam decided to illustrate with no prompting from me - Originally I had envisioned them both showing off independently to win the Amazing Friends roles, but to have them trying to annoy one another is SO much better! :)
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Awesome! I love how your magazine has been doing alot of "Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends".
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I was avoiding the Marvel Cartoons initially, only because there were no good DVDs from which to make video captures from - Then back in 2008 (prior to issue four) the UK began releasing the Marvel cartoons - Happy day! :)
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This is frickin' hilarous, I can't stop laughing :P
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My Dad will just love this cover artwork. :)
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He's a Marvel Comics fan, right? :)
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Oh yes. He actually had the first issue of the Fantastic Four back in the day, but had to get rid of that and the rest of his comics years later though.
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Love this cover. And it was my favourite show. I must make a plan and get the dvds, just for nostalgia sake.
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Phenomenal idea(!) really nice pencils/inks and awesome coloring. Just a little sad, we only get a 495x700 sized one...

If you want any constructive criticism, there is only two things that look a little flawed in my eyes, everything else is gloruously perfect and gorgeous:
1. Hulk shorts look flat, could need thinner outlines and fringes a little more finer lines.
2. Wolverine shouldn't have points as eyes with the mask on. Leaving it white is ok for Wolvi.
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lol nice cover! I laugh how the Human Torch is off the list since in the comics him and Spidey are friends. Well if it was between him and Firestar i would go with Firestar, I couldn't blame Spidey on picking her more XD
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