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cereal:geek 05 - COVER

As the theme of issue five was going to be about comics I knew the cover should in some way reflect this. I decided that the cover should pay homage to one of the most recognizable comic covers of all time; issue one of The Fantastic Four! I wanted to feature The Transformers on the cover and immediately (being a Generation One fan) I knew which giant villainous robot should be attacking the Autobots. MAKOTO ONO loved the idea and illustrated this fantastic piece. Originally he drew Jazz in place of Optimus Prime, and while it still looked great, the absence of Prime on the cover was noticeable. I added some textures on top of the illustration to create a slightly hellish, dark effect.

:iconmakotron: - Makoto Ono
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Great homage, why didn't i think of it?
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Devastator's in for a world of hurt.
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I see Skids. Arcee is the only post season 2 character in this picture
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nice, tho devastators mouth freeked me out, as im so used to seeing it the various official wasy,with higher upper lips, rather than that moustache type thing he has in that
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I'm a bit gutted right now - I've JUST seen that IDW's Transformers comic ALREADY did a Fantastic Four issue one tribute cover - I am not a happy man...:(
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I knew this cover looked familiar. Good call :aww:
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It just had to be done - I don't think many people will get it immediately, but hopefully one day they'll catch sight of The Fantastic Four's first issue and be like, "Oh, yeah..." :)
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It did indeed.

Y'know, you should do one like the cover of Avengers #1 as well, or even JLA #1 from way back.
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Another superb Makoto piece, defenatily worthy of being the front cover. :)
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Makoto is an AWESOME artist! :)
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A La Fantastic Four! Who's the Artist?
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Makoto Ono is the fabulous artist that did this piece - He's done quite a bit for cereal:geek in the past - He illustrated Optimus Prime on the cover of issue two - To my knowledge he's also worked for Dreamwave and various companies who have held the Transformers license at one point or another - I have him illustrating two more Transformers pieces for the next issue! :)
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What kind of Artist do you look for exactly? My work is somewhat traditional (no access to photoshop)but would you consider giving me a shot?
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