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Temminish Cap

By Buskira
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oh wow my fav loz game and undertale combined this is so amazing ^^
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And now I want to see Ocarina of Tem
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OH M'GOD ??? I can't believe this happened ! Minish Cap was my first Zelda game ! And now you just make this magnificent artwork mixing the two things I love ?? And it's so original ! Good job, this just made my night.~ \o/
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This is way to cute~
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hey this is an amazing work, MA FANDOMS BEING TOGETHER *-*
just one thing, in my opinion, i don't believe that you have to draw chara like the villain because chara isn't the villain, they just try to help you in the whole game in all the routes, but still this is an amazing crossover xD, i just tell my opinion i don't want to triggered anyone pls don't take it with the wrong way ._.
(also sorry for my english xD)
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Soo cute :3

I also cant wait till it comes out & I can't wait for the switch as well!

& if the sword were to cay mercy I've got a pun

"being killed with kindness" XD
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oh my god I love you. YES.
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nice i like it good job :D
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Aww, Thank You~ x)
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Hi, sorry about the late comment. :/ I've been really busy at school, but I've wanted you to know that I love your art. :3
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Aww, Shucks~! Same with Ya, Too; I Really Appreciate the Drawing That You Made Me Last Time. ^u^
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Haha, I could definitely imagine Frisk hitting enemies with mercy LOL oh the irony!
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You Know, I Was Thinking That the the Mercy Button & the Act One Will Switch As Frisk Swings His Sword. But Either Way, I Think It's Still A Grand Idea. ^u^
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That's genius! :o so you're going to make more of this?
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Yep, the Next Time w/ Gaster and Chara Except in A Different LoZ Game. :nod:
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(gets on the train!)
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U will not believe how much i freaked out when i saw the trailer i literally dyed
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Ikr?! It Took Me Way Back To Those Skyward Sword Days, I'm Glad They Chose To Keep That Color Scheme! Although Twilight Princess Was Good in It's Own Way Too, No Doubt!
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I could see what they're trying to do, Nintendo tried to make LoZ look edgy with twilight princess. Not that i don't like it or anything, but it's what i noticed.

I'm glad they proceeded to follow the skyward sword color scheme, it definetly takes me back too. And boy the visuals are amazing!! So HD
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Honestly, i'm pretty glad that they didn't go down that road. Twilight princess was good at its best, but not enough to make LoZ an edgy series all the way. That's why we gave Wind Waker a chance although there was lots of negative criticism about it.
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