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The Early Stamp

Okay I'll admit that this stamp is probably the least complicated ever, especially by my standards! ^^;

But I had to do it. I liked the font template that was on GIMP and I thought that my hatred of weekday mornings was mutual to many people! :clap:

I really do hate waking up early, its not for me! Someone needs to make an "I don't do Mondays" stamp now! lol

I don't suppose I'm the only one who feels this way, so go ahead and use the stamp in your journals and such. But please lemme know what you think! Please :+fav: and comment. I'd be happy if you did!
Thank ya!!!
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Oh what wouldn't I give to be able to sleep in more often 
ScreechyCalamari's avatar
GoneLiketheSwallows's avatar
I love waking up early and I like mondays because where I work all people are very nice and understanding.
h3artbr0k3n1988's avatar
i agree wih this qnd usng it
The0nlyGH0ST's avatar
I wake up early if there's no school. I wake up late if there's school
Katsuyo-kreator-Dent's avatar
ugh i know and i hate that
GeometryDashAmphy292's avatar
When you wake up at 4AM
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To me it depends. 

Some day I am like "whoo. I am awake at 6 am! Time to get some stuff done, that by the time I do a lot around noon, I still have half a day left"!

and other days "fuck no.... just let me sleep"!
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i respect your opinion, but i like waking up early coz beautiful morning~
CrystalShineOfEC's avatar
Using, and even if I hate waking up early, I pretty much always do. Next year, I'll be needing to wake up around at least 5:45 AM ;-;
CozmoLovinAddict's avatar
This is why I don't ever set my alarm clock. (Even if it is on an iOS device.)
zencookies's avatar
waking up early even on breaks isn't for me, and my asshole cat doesn't help by opening my bedroom door wide open!
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