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[Wyngro] Coralia Application




Name: Coralia 
Last Name: Brishon
Gender: Female
Type: Standard Wyngro
Creation: Purchased Wyngro
Upgrades: Unusual Colors and Markings, Hair Tuft, Pupils, Colored Tongue
Description: Coralia is a cheeky little gro. She's fun and friendly, but she's also got a lot of spice in her personality! She's not afraid to be sassy, even towards adults. She's a very loving gro and believes everyone is worth befriending, but she will always point out glaring flaws if she sees them, often in fluent sarcasm. If you try to challenge her sass, get ready to endure some good spirited roasts.
Coralia also has a deep interest in the sea and everything surrounding it! She's claimed she was born during a deep storm, with her brothers necklace around her egg. The note that was was found under her egg when she was found read that her brother was protecting her egg from spites that attacked their house by the sea...no one knows what happened to him, but she deeply believes he's still out there, and when she gets bigger she's going to return to the beach house. She knows he'll be there, he has to be...right?

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Mod message: Coralia looks lovely, approved!

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