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So...Lots of people notified me that a scam shop stole my pictures to 'sell' wings.

..Ads on facebook & multiple different webshop addresses.

It is a shame, but that is today's internet.

There is not much I can really do about that.

I just hope nobody will fall for this scam.


I like to make wings for fun, not for sale..

The question I hear most is: "how did you do that!?!?"

You may find an answer in my gallery..

youtube 2011: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mhcs4…

and 2014: (@10m34) www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg8j4O…

Want to buy articulated wings? ask April imakewings.co.uk/

..or Dani www.facebook.com/TruWings

.. or the great griffin queen thegriffinqueen.deviantart.com…

Useful information for DIY wings:


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Hello Bushitaka,
we are a drama production crew from Taiwan,
we are going to shoot a story about angel who is played by the main actor. 
So for the wings' part, this will involve some special effects but some parts we would like to shoot in real. 

We have searched a lot on the internet regarding the beauty and the articulation of the angel wings, we found out that the one you made suits our requirement.

We would like to ask if this can be sold to us for shooting?
This is the wings we need:

if it is possible,can I have
the contact of yours for further discussion ?

Looking forward to your reply
Thank you!
I am having trouble figuring out the servo and controller aspect. I can make my own wings and harness but pulling the powered mechanics and the frame together is a bit of a stumbling point.
I simply need to know what servos and controller to use. The best point to attach the wing to related to the servo. If I should use 2 or 4 servos.
ach jetzt weiß ich was du meinst, was hat mein Handy da denn abgeschickt? Ich würde gerne solche Flügel kaufen, aber die Personen die du angegeben hast, arbeiten nicht mehr an ihnen ^^"
oh i would buy some of those wings but you are gone like the other people who did those :(
How did you do the controller for the setup?
Amazing wings by the way, they are a huge inspiration for me to finish my set. Haha.
I really need these
what did you make the feathers out of