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If you’ve commissioned me in the past and you get an e-mail saying your order has been processed, that’s just me going through and fixing old invoices. :>
I’m trying to get better at drawing different things, so I thought I would toss this up in an effort to help that along.

I’m offering this only to watchers on Deviantart and Furaffinity right now, simply because it’s easier to keep track of who responds. If you have questions, please drop me message on the featured comment below.

Please note, I will only be doing these when I have time/feel like it and I won’t be doing everyone that posts.


[X] Must be okay with me posting and using finished artwork for commission promo/examples.
[X] Must be okay with me drawing your character in any style I see fit. (Current styles I usually do, as well as trying new things like 3D, pixel art, sketches, etc.)
[X] OCs/Sonas that belong to you only (fan characters, DnD, MMO characters, and creatable protags from games (ex: Dragon Age, Fallout) all count.)
[X] Posting multiple characters in a single comment is fine, just fill out the form for each one.
[X] Don’t post to both journals on Deviantart and Furaffinity, just do one. I’ll be popping back and forth between the two of them, no worries.


Character Name:
Refs: (NSFW refs are fine, just tag it so I know when I click on it.)
Themes/Prompt/Blurb: (Any short info about the character such as personality, things they like, poses, outfits, etc. Helps me figure out how to draw them!)
Things to Avoid: (Since these are free and I’m not sending them for approval, if there’s anything that I should absolutely avoid when drawing your characters, please put that here if applicable.)

[Things I Want to Focus On]

[X] Characters with muzzles/snouts.
[X] Anything that is not traditionally ‘cute.’
[X] Taurs, nagas, non-bipedal humanoids.
[X] Body types (fat, very thin, curvy, muscular, etc.)
[X] More dynamic poses.
[X] Complicated clothing/armour.

Even if you have a character that doesn’t fit the above, feel free to post them anyway! That’s what I want to work on, but I might just grab characters to draw regardless.

As always, my commissions are open if you for sure want something (and I take tips through Kofi. *wink wonk*)

Just a heads up, but I'm ending the discounts I have going on with my commissions this Saturday! (4/21)

If you want to grab something inexpensive before then, go check out my page and shoot me a message:

I'm also going to be getting rid of the cute surprises (they haven't been selling well) and the surprise chibi/animals (just going to be doing regular ones from now on.)
I feel like an ass asking this, but would anyone be willing to give my commissions a promo?

I have a tumblr post that can be reblogged.
And my regular commission information is here.

I did not think 2018 could get any more craptacular, but in true hold my beer fashion it did. The call center I worked for ended up going under and we were all laid off on Saturday. I'm honestly not surprised this happened, I just wasn't expecting it to happen now. :p

I'm working on filing for unemployment and finding another job, but until then commissions are now my main source of income so any boosting is appreciated!
I moved my commission information over to a weebly site. My old link has a link to the new page (unfortunately, I can't redirect by clicking the old one since it's a DA journal.)


Btw, if anyone knows how to make it so the navigation bar at the top shows all the links or makes them darker, please let me know. I couldn't really find anything in there, but I'm also exhausted so it could just be a brain fart. B|
My sister took pity on me and got me the name change thing lmfao.

Now that everything is a little more uniform, here are all the other places to find me:


I'm still updating EVERYTHING and the tumblr is going to have art posted back from about 2012, if you wanted to hold off on following me there until that's done so your dash doesn't get flooded.
I have a toyhouse. :D


I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I've been slooooowly collecting adoptables and thought I'd toss the link into the void lol.
Drew the name for the raffle over here and on da! I'll be contacting the winners shortly.

Thank you all again for your support. <33
EDIT: Hey guys! Just a reminder that the watcher raffle ends tomorrow at midnight CST! If you're watching me and still want to join, the information to do so is below.


- fully inked/coloured/shaded artwork of a single character (I will pick art type)
- typical commission rules apply for stuff I will/won't draw (link)

How to Enter:
- must be watching this account
- new watchers are welcome!! (just don't watch, then unfollow once the raffle ends :p)
- comment on this journal to enter
- you can enter here and on furaffinity if you're watching me both places, but you must comment on each journal separately
- I'll keep this post updated with entrants/raffle numbers

Raffle Ends: October 23rd 12AM CST
Winner will be decided via RNG and the winner must respond within 48 hours to claim their prize. If they do not, a new winner will be selected. Please have your notes/PMs open as I will be contacting you there.

Prize will be delivered as soon as possible, however please allow for some time as I do have health issues and work weird hours during the week!

1. buzz1325
2. Shalmons
3. irishis79
4. Rebel2Sociaty
5. Androxyth
6. Lordvirtuoso
7. MothOfAmber
8. Darktornathore
9. ducclord
10. ambue
11. meronberri
12. tacobob
Switched over from: :icondrownedcities:

Still setting things up, bear with me!