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I know apart from part one the movies quite sucked and MARVEL's last effort regarding Blade went a little south but I still find BLADE and the whole concept somewhat cool. At least its fun to paint! Check my gallery for more if you like.
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damn this is amazing!
Hello, I would like to purchase this file/gain your permission to print this on a canvas for a birthday gift! It is truly amazing! Please let me know!
heribringaz's avatar
ohhhhhhh scaryyyyy
Awsome.I wanna seee more lol
awesomesaurusrex's avatar
An African-American vampire ninja that beats the shit out vampires... that is fucking awesome.
Blade is British, actually.
ninilili's avatar
Amanzing paint^^
Thank you very much!
LoKIMOOn1000's avatar
Wow,your sense of detail is amazing!
(all hail non-crappy vampires!:worship:)
Thanks a lot for the nice comment!
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Finally a blade picture that is good. I locked up blade and looked for like an hour. Which movie did you like? I like the blade from the comics so I was looking for one that didn't 100% look like Wesley Snipes. But I believe that he made a great Blade. Anyway good job I love it.
Thanks for the nice feedback. Well I'm not interested in all those freaks (all actors are freaks ;D ) but rather the movies itself so I don't give anything on Snipes and the likes. I just thought that at least the first part was a pretty cool rendition of the comic book figure. I rather dislike what they did to the concept in parts two and three. Just the same with the whole Spiderman thing.

Anyway thanks a lot for the nice feedback.
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Beautiful. The Fury of the Daywalker Burns ALL!
Your detail is incredible. I love how the dripping blood on the vampires meets up with the blood on the sword.
I enjoyed Blade 1 & 2, but I agree #3 was just laughably stupid. My friend, you are :+fav:ed!
thanks so much for the credit!

there'll be more up soon.
Brian-Justin-Click's avatar
Oh, damn. This is really something. Great job, I especially like the blood-dripping transition off of the sword.
thanks a lot!

aaaah maaaan its already quite some time since I put up something new. I really have to follow up again.
x-hare-x's avatar
This is awesome ^_^
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