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Hey Fenrir, Check it Out, Yo!

Series 1 Spydogs Assortment!

The very Spydogs sprites made possible by your Digimon sprites are now on my gallery!

Thank you so so very much for the WATCH! 😘
Kasasumonthx by BabydollStarCatcher  
Hey can please tell me how to upload my stuff on The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory [link]

If you know please tell me! Cause i am making Xros Wars Hunters Big sized Human's and i want them to be on there!
I don't know if you still come here anymore, but if you do, I have a question: Do you remember doing an animation of Takato's D-power breaking and re-forming back into his ultimate D-Power?
Hello! I do recall something like that existing.

I looked around on my computer, but after all this time, I'm not sure where any of that stuff is! I'm surprised I can't find those old animations; they have to be somewhere because I certainly didn't dump them. I think I've accumulated too much stuff over the years! I wonder if they're on my old computer. Weird.
Do you still have your old computer?