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I wanna thank an Anonymous Deviant for giving me a premium membership. Don't know why I deserved this because I tried to void everything that makes my pictures popular in the latest time (because of spam and art theft) so I hope my stock is worth that for this very kind person.
:)Thank you kindly, whoever you are!
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your stock is excellent, who ever that bought it for you, knew what they were doing (:
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 Your Photos are amazing, I allways love to look at them and it helps me get over the fact that I can't go to the mountains that often and it inspires me to do it more.

I would favorite every one of your artworks, but what would be the point in that after every one is equally great? :)
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You definitely deserve it, I am glad someone did that for you.
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You deserve it!  Your stock is beautiful!
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You deserve it since your stock is so inspiring :huggle:
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It's well deserved Bernhard :) Congratulations!!! :clap:
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Even your new works are quite impressive :) Do you copyright your works? It makes art theft much easier to deal with.
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Herzlichen Glückwunsch~!^^
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Fantastic Bernhard :hug:
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I am happy for you and me Keep up the great work.
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You totally deserve it!
Not only do you give out all these outstanding landscapes, but you also edit them before you publish them!
Not many deviants do this!
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Herzlich Glückwunsch! Haste auf jeden Fall verdient :).
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Your photos are amazing! You deserve a premie! :D
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Do u know ur stocks mostly are getting up in the front page?
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