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Wooden Cabin

Good chance to take stock-pictures as long as there´s no cattle and no people on the mountains.
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4026x2684px 7.27 MB
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100/31999 second
Focal Length
14 mm
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Date Taken
Jun 6, 2012, 3:56:11 PM
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always enjoy your stuff, Burtn
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I used your work here [link].
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Great country shot, wonderful view = )
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We can always clone :-)
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:DLot of work when the area is crowded.
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Crowded? Really?
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Did you do anything extra to this picture? Like photoshop filters? If so what did you do, the reds in the wood are so bright!
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Hey there:wave:, it is a HDR image made of three differently exposed pictures, tonemapped with photomatix.
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Oh wow cool, plan on posting up like an original with just normal exposure? I love the colors in this, I was just curious.
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:)Well, the colours are real. It is weathered larch-wood. I don´t know if this tree grows in the United States too.
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Oh cool! I thought the different exposures might have made the colors more vibrant than in a natural setting, is only reason why i asked :p coool cool and they are in the usa, just kinda in the northern mountainous areas, so they are uncommon. at least thats what i found on google lol
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although it is austria, this one look so swiss-ish
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:)That´s true, similar conditions cause similar architecture. The differences are more local, for example cabins are made of stone when there´s little wood. It could also be in Italy, France or Germany, countries that have part of the Alps.
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yes, it is a vast region that shares the alps.
very nice shot! where is it taken?
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Hi:wave:, it was taken in the northern Austrian Alps, near Salzburg.
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onky You and mountains
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