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P2U Wing Base

edit: it was TOO LATE apparently, with an image update i forgot to have it available for purchase fdhsh
its late n my sleep schedule is messed up and im gonna get up early to do some heavy stuff tmrw morning;; thought of this pose a little bit ago and decided to make a base of it, a lil less stylized than my last bases 


You May

-Edit this base
-Place your own OCs on this base
-Make adoptables to sell on this base 
-Move my watermark (but please make sure its visible)
-Consider crediting me @ this account! 

You May Not

-Attempt to resell or redistribute this base as a base at all
-Claim any sort of ownership to the base artwork
-Attempt to hide my watermark 

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Purchased! Thank you so much! QwQ/ <33

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May I get a PNG version(just lines)? Thanks so much!
(I'm already bought this base ^^ )
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Noted you, thanks!
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Hiya! If you have a PNG version for mobile Android can you send me a note or reply? I just got gifted 180 points to buy this :,0
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I’m not suuuuper sure what you mean by that— a transparent PNG version of just the lines? Because I do believe I have that!
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My computer is broken and I can't download sai :,0 how much is this? Maybe I can somehow get it xd
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The base is 180:points:, if that's what you were asking? 
NeoRedPanda's avatar
Yeah. Is it available for png/mobile too?
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Iiii believe I have a separated version, yeah :0c 
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I'd like to buy this base, would you mind sending me the pngs again since i don't use sai?

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yeah i can do that! have you bought it already?
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yes I have already sent the points!
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Hello just wondering, does this base (or any of your bases) come with the brush settings in case we wish to edit and keep the lineart similar? Thanks ^^ !
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Oooh I'm sorry-- I think for the brush settings I used for this base specifically I'm not supposed to share them because they weren't free to begin with or something? ;; (I could tell you that there's a paper texture on this brush though, at like less than 50 intensity), andddd I don't really remember my brush settings for my other bases but I think it's very similar to the default "pencil" tool settings in SAI ;3; 
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Ah no that's not a problem I appreciate if they were paid content themselves, thank you for letting me know and for the tip! I just need to debate which base I might be able to use most and will get back to one :3 
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awesome! They'll always be available here ^^
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ohh, I appreciate it! <3 
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Why thank you!
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;O; burr wtf i love how you draw paws so much
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aw man thanks!! i UH really tried to draw dog paws on this one instead of cartoony ones hfdshf
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im so mad i only have 100 points agh
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