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Good Morning (Gina Collection)

By BurpyChan
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A collection that was on patreon. :3

Gina has woken up, but due to things in life, she has morning gas, she has already let all the gas out and the room begins to smell bad.
What do you think happens next?
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© 2020 - 2021 BurpyChan
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Nice! Careful though, might get taken down off here cause I don't think you can show pussy on this site x3
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qwq oh yeah I hope Deviantart is not mad at me
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Talk about morning thunder! Well, for Gina, I think it's more like morning hurricanes lol. Will there be like a breakfast time Leti or something too?

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It seems that you are spying on me, because I have a WIP about breakfast, although this will also be for Gina, although for breakfast Leti is the protagonist haha uwu
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Just a lucky guess =D Mornings must get pretty noisy and fragrant there haha

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What an amazing morning ‪♥‬
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That deserves a follow

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Can I get more panties with my fart content, though?
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👁️w👁️ hmmm?
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Thats from patrion right ?

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Those are some really hot poses :shocked:

Awesome work :clap:

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You can expect a new patron soon, your fartart is the best 🥵
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that would be a good thing to wake up to xD

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What if Leti heard Gina's sounds? <w>
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