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FlutterDash by Burossamu FlutterDash :iconburossamu:Burossamu 44 4 RariJack by Burossamu RariJack :iconburossamu:Burossamu 18 5 Twinkie Pie by Burossamu Twinkie Pie :iconburossamu:Burossamu 72 7
Lock Down - Chapter 2 -
Lock Down - Chapter 2 - Sight in the Darkness -
I jolted out of bed.
"Oh, thank goodness. Only a dream." I was relived. Everything was alright, no one had-
"Glad to see you up!" An unfamiliar voice chuckled.
I looked around, but everything was blurry.I could vaguely see the outline of a white pegasus with green and pink hair.
"Wheres Silver Spoon? And Twist? WHERE AM I!? And. .AND WHY CAN'T I SEE!?" I shouted as I flailed my arms out in front of me. "Hush, Don't worry, your friends are safe and your sight may be healed as long as you keep them closed." She replied calmly. I put my arms down and closed my eyes. I wanted to see.. But for now I had to listen if I ever wanted my sight back.
"Come along. I will guide you to the eating area." The pegasus said calmly. She put her hoof on my shoulder and we walked down a long hallway.
"What is this floor made of? Its real soft." I asked her. "Clouds."
I stopped walking.
"What is wrong?" she asked.
"How am I walking on clouds? Ah'm an
:iconburossamu:Burossamu 3 5
Pony Maker by Burossamu Pony Maker :iconburossamu:Burossamu 35 31 Creepy Ponies - 1 by Burossamu Creepy Ponies - 1 :iconburossamu:Burossamu 2 1
Lock Down - Chapter 1
Lock Down - Chapter 1
Silver, Twist, and I where sitting on the cold, hard concrete floor of the lock down cellar. We where nearly 300 feet underground, there was no way the Malumequos could reach us. Impossible.
"They.. got... Diamond.. Tiara..." Silver Spoon whimpered. "They.. killed her..." Tears where rolling down her cheeks.
Twist scooted over to her to comfort her.
"Don't worry, Silver! You still have us!"
Silver Spoon pushed her away, making Twist start to cry.
"I .. don't ... care!"Silver sobbed. "I... I.." She burst into tears.
"You what?" I asked.
"N- never mind" she replied.
"Tell me!" "No!" "Why?" "Because.. I don't wanna!"
"GIRLS!" Twist shouted as she wiped a tear off her nose.
"I.. I hear hoofsteps!"
We all froze in terror. Had someone heard us? No.. Impossible. There are almost 20 three foot thick metal doors.. No way anything could get through.. Unless..
"Hello, my little ponies." A deep raspy voice said from behind.
Silver Spoon and Twist where hugging each othe
:iconburossamu:Burossamu 4 3
My Shipping Chart by Burossamu My Shipping Chart :iconburossamu:Burossamu 5 13 MLP Toy Fanon Families by Burossamu MLP Toy Fanon Families :iconburossamu:Burossamu 5 3 Trollestia by Burossamu Trollestia :iconburossamu:Burossamu 95 14 MY LIFE IS COMPLETE by Burossamu MY LIFE IS COMPLETE :iconburossamu:Burossamu 3 10 Ships by Burossamu Ships :iconburossamu:Burossamu 37 48 Have some FlutterDash by Burossamu Have some FlutterDash :iconburossamu:Burossamu 112 11 Fluttershy's Secret by Burossamu Fluttershy's Secret :iconburossamu:Burossamu 68 57 MATURE - MLP Yuri - MATURE by Burossamu
Mature content
MATURE - MLP Yuri - MATURE :iconburossamu:Burossamu 40 79
Silver Spoon wip by Burossamu Silver Spoon wip :iconburossamu:Burossamu 2 5


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I love My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic!

I hope you like my art!

Current Residence: Ponyville
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