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stupid, I half to open with this app I can't get

lm sao để mở ?

how could I open *.xsf

as far as I know, you don't

 Salut comment installer Tech-b LA PEAU XION

how do I download this skin? Please, help.  
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dude see the  right side of the web page you can see the download option click that button and your skin will downloading

he means IT'S NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love the Tech B skin and downloaded this file to complete the theme. One problem, how do i install it? Please help me. Thanks.
iam sain cause i like it very much
it opens with ms office!!!! help pls
with wat software i open it
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I tought it was a xion skin like it says BTW. On the other hand the skin is only loading some 10%. It keeps saying "loading".. Must be draining a lot (toomuch) of resources.
how dowload this?
This is an excelent skin.  I used it after its initial release and will be re-installing since I just reloaded Rainmeter.  I' looking forward to any and all updates since then.

so you installed it? how!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Como lo descargo? 
Xion player does not work, how do I run it?
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I enter for the weather USCA0741 and nothing happens. How does the weather work? Can't figure it out. I went to and got my 8 digit code, but nothing changes after I've refreshed the skin. All numbers show 0.
Could you make a foobar2000 version of this skin? Love your work.
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