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October 29, 2020
TECH-A by Burnwell88
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TECH-A skin for rainmeter

first i want to thank

Z-DESIGN from deviantart for his brushes in photoshop
jsmorley from rainmeter forum for his support and
helping me with some calculations :)
~dv-ent for his skin barred
OsricWuscfrea for helping me on rainmeter forum and on deviant art ... thank you all for you support

The skin includes

1 to 6 CPU's
0 to 6 Drives
Upload and download
Shortcuts and
Weather (Vclouds modified)



if you are useing my skins i only espect from you guys PROPER CREDITS .. if im not asking to much

download and have fun

Personal mesage :

Allso ive need some help from you guys .....aparrentlly i wanna upgrade my Hardware .. my monitor MAX resolution is 1366x768 so in the future im planing to make a 3 Monitor RAINMETER SKIN :)allso on HD MONITOR ... my dream .... allso im posting this because i hade few guys who wanted to donate me in the first place to make tech-a bigger and i told them to wait for the next skin :) ... dont get me rong ALL MY WORK IS FREE and it will be but i need for those who wanted and will want to appreciate my work ... you can donate me here :


Thank you 
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