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C: Trapped Underwater Part 4

Both have been pulled beneath the seabed and completely ensnared in tentacles.  Alexstrasza has already been rendered unconscious and Yrel's struggles are weakening.

This is a commission for :iconz1freeman:, with the final part of the story included in the description for the upload in his gallery here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

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Don't worry everyone, they'll be fine and eventually released back into the ocean.

The sea creatures are only going to absorb whatever nutrients are in the wetsuits.

Which should start dissolving.......any moment now.

How long would it take her to die ?

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(rp) *im walking on the beach and you see me just wondering around*

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That's one hell of a trap! (I wonder where that little patch of ocean is....)

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Good stuff, thanks for sharing!
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I especially love to think that they're just being contained and preserved for eternity. And those things covering their mouths are gonna keep them asleep
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I love the idea of them being trapped for an eternity, but I I like the idea of them wiggling around and mmphing
Samuel-Neocros's avatar
That could work too ^^
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This is rad as hell. The different thicknesses of the tendrils binding them adds a real sense of texture, and the whole thing's just full of really saucy, sexy details. The tentacle sliding between Alexstrasza's breasts is a very erotic little touch, as is the way the 'mouth' of the tendril squeezes her cheeks. Yrel's blush is a nicely sensual touch as well. Great stuff!
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they will be eaten ?
burnup19's avatar
It can end how ever you want it to.  I was only commissioned to do four parts.
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love that you left it for the viewers to decide his/her own ending.
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You can thank the person who commissioned the series for that :)
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