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C: Mchimba Attacks Part 3

The Blood Elf Rogue's attempts to escape proved useless as the bandages dragged her into the open sarcophagus.  They continued to work their way around her struggling body, tightening more with each pass.  As the mummification process draws to an end, she hears the lid start to move.

Part 1:
Part 2:

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Look her expression, her body, it's amazing!!!(=

burnup19's avatar

Wouldn't mind seeinga bit of spanking

I want you to draw something for me, a comic, but I can't pay you. will you do it for thanks? (thanks alone, no payment)

burnup19's avatar

No. Unfortunately, thanks alone doesn't pay my rent.

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Then she's found at least 100 years later and archeologists mistake her for a Pharaoh

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On the plus side, since its a setting where you can actually revive the dead, maybe they resurrect her. EIther because they can, or because its the undead who found her. Either way, she gets another go. Hopefully its the former way because NO elf (or anyone else in this setting) wants to be undead.

Seriously. They should NOT be part of the Horde. PURGE THE FILTH! (The undead, that is. The elves are fine and both sides would love more elves, no matter the jokes and comments we make about them).

Seriously though, $&*$ the $(#&%*$ undead! Worst Player Faction EVER. What? If I want to be with orcs or tauren or trolls, I have to deal with THOSE pieces of should-be-literal-crap? Yeah.

If you didn't notice. I am EXTREMELY anti-forsaken. Or, you know, undead in general. Screw the whole lot. And not in the sexy way either.

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I remem this boss fight was a bit bugged for a while
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Oh god ...THIS is an awful way to die

Well done btw
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'opens coffin' ok let's finish the fight.  'blood elf rogue did a sick knife throw in his eye'   Machimba: 'falls over, and broke into pieces '   " AW MAN azerite again?! uuuungh this place stinks 'kicks rock'   Macimba: MY NUTS AAUUUUUGH
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An awesome  work my friend
Bluestar29's avatar
will there be part 4 next?
Oof, love it! Lotta boxes checked! 
gagfan's avatar
Absolutely delightful
Amaniwolf's avatar
TappCoils's avatar
Oh, perfect as always.
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
No amount of wiggling will get her free now!  You always do a superb job with wrappings of any kind.
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excellent hope to see more of this character and situation!!
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I love this style of bondage!
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