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So... I guess I'm now officially middle-aged.  8)

I'm really proud of how well I've done with my diet over the last year, so you'd better believe I'll be taking a cheat day and pigging out on cake today!
INTJ-A (Architect)

I just had to take this test after seeing Jacksepticeye do it.  Well, even if stuff like this is just for fun, the result is hardly a surprise.  I already knew I'm INTJ, but what I didn't know is how few people were like this (I thought it was closer to 5-10%, not a mere 2%).

It goes for Wac as much as it does for me, I suppose.  There's no way he would have gotten married and had kids if Tawny hadn't beat him over the head with a club!

I should take this test for most of my characters!

Anyway, the only thing I can point out to the general public is that massive introverts are not assholes by nature.  It's not our intention to be mean.  We just care more about proper analysis of a situation than peoples' feelings, so we're blunt with the truth... that most people don't want.

Go easy on us, 'kay?  We're not jerks, we're just lunkheads!  Σ8`)
Dammit, DA, what did you do this time?!

My Core membership ran out a couple weeks ago, and I've been suffering the consequences.  Previously, 80% of the time my notifications wouldn't show when I viewed the page.  Most of the time all I got was a header, a sidebar, and the rest of the page was blank.

Well, just today, notifications aren't working at all.  It's dead, and I get a blank page every time no matter how many times I refresh.  I can't manage my notifications anymore because the site won't render the page correctly.  Looking at the code, I can clearly see that it's all scripting that's building the page, so there's no surprise the gallery won't work.  I guess you guys don't understand anything about document design, to say nothing about Firefox no longer a supported browser or something, because it works fine in my Chrome-equivalent, but not in Firefox.

Surprise, surprise... it's the ads that are breaking the pages.  What's all this stuff I'm seeing in the code about "safe" ads and verification?  Are you seriously not loading pages if the ads don't load properly?  At least, that's what I'm seeing when I look at the code.

Also, I can't delete any notifications except for the first one, because the absolutely-placed advertisement (which shows whether my ad blocker is enabled or not) covers and obscures the "X" to delete notifications.  Didn't anyone ever tell you not to use absolute positioning for any content, let alone ads?  That ensures that things will overlap, and that completely breaks web pages.  Don't do it.  Period.

I also can't read status updates.  I can't preview any comments.  I can't do anything with because the cookies don't work.  Also, a multitude of other things are still broken and have been for months.  No amount of complaints from the community will get you to fix anything.  There's no point in complaining anymore, because you obviously don't care.  Even FurAffinity has better code than this!

Your constant nagging to get me to upgrade to Core is really getting annoying.  You really expect me to pay $50 a year for Core when the site is totally broken and I can't even view my notifications?  I was a member for many years and I've bought $330 worth of points, but you still pester me to pay for a new membership?  The only reason I use an ad blocker is because of the malware fiasco that happened a while ago.  You know, the one where DA denied any responsibility because it was the advertising partners that were doing it, and not DA directly?  It's not like DA has a contract with the ad partners and is responsible for malware whether they like it or not.  Sorry, but my trust has been broken, and I will not disable my ad blocker, no matter how many times you bitch at me that ad blockers takes money away from you.  If you want my money, why don't you fix your damn code and make your membership fee more reasonable so I actually want to be a member again?  I let it expire for a reason -- it's not worth it.

You bozos don't know how to code.  Now the site is literally unusable unless I switch to another web browser.  Screw that.

So yeah, I'm not buying a Core at all, and I won't upload anything until the UI situation improves, which will probably not happen any time soon.

If you want to see my other stuff, take a look at my page on FurAffinity or my Guest Gallery on  If you don't want to see the porn, don't register an account on FA, and don't sign the age statement on my gallery.
I'm very particular about companies with aggressive or idiotic EULAs and licensing restrictions, even though this is quickly becoming the norm and severely limiting my options.  Clip Studio has been bugging me for a while with all these fire sales and so many artists regularly hyping this software, so... I really need to just get this off my chest.

As is what happens every month or two, Clip Studio / Manga Studio is again having a fire sale, where it's available at 60% off or 80% off or $15 or whatever.  Every time a software company offers such deep discounts, (such as Windows10 being a free upgrade), I can't help but think there's something fishy about their business practices.

Well, aside from the usual DRM and product activation, there's this little gem I read in the EULA:

"3.4 User will need to re-implement the License Registration process again if User changes the configuration of User's computer that the Software has been Installed on. This includes software and hardware changes."

Um, what?  I tried to get more information about these "changes", but none are itemized in the EULA or on the web site.  That basically means that anything you do to your computer, even run Windows Update or plug in more RAM, could bork your software and require you to either reactivate or buy a new license.  It's totally arbitrary.  That sound pretty worrying that software you might need to use for a living can just be disabled for any damn reason the developers choose, and they don't have to explain anything to you.

Now, some people can call me paranoid, but I've already been screwed several times by DRM.  I had to call Microsoft twice and beg them to use Windows again after my license was invalidated by a mobo swap, and later again by (off all things) plugging in a new video card.  My dad had a similar problem with Crysis 2 permanently disabling itself after a video card swap, since the game license was tried to the GPU serial number.  I have a copy of Elite Dangerous that I haven't played since I bought it because I cant even get the damn game to update, let alone play (after they promised on their Kickstarter pledge that there would be an offline mode).  I bought a hard drive diagnostic tool that didn't tell me it had DRM on it and could only be used on a single PC by its serial number.  I've had way too many other things just stop working for no damn reason.  I don't even buy things on Steam if they insist on any kind of 3rd party DRM technology (or in some cases, even a 3rd party EULA).  Even Steam has prevented me from using my software on occasion after the client wasn't updated correctly and I had to wait days if not weeks for the main client to be patched so I could rebuild my library.  I don't own a Nintendo console, but the Wii U has had an automatic, forced update that if you refused the new EULA, it would kill your console (kiss all your games and peripherals goodbye!)

If any developer tells me there's a way for them to deactivate my software after I installed it, then they better damn well tell me what conditions will trigger it.  If they don't want to tell me, I can't assume they're just trying to cover their butts.  This is legalese, after all.  If they say they'll do it, I have to assume they intend to follow through.  When it comes to legal matter, if they can, they will.

Entertainment is one thing, but if we're now entering an age where utilities people use for their job can be crippled at any time, then no sale.  I've got work to do, and that's too important to trust my livelihood to their whims on good faith because, "It's probably nothing to worry about", and "They can't afford to screw over their customers."  My experience has told me that it is indeed something to worry about -- not specifically with Clip Studio since I don't <del>own</del> license it, but I've still had way too many problems with other products I've purchased.  I've learned my lesson the hard way.  There's a reason why my copy of Photoshop is 17 years old and I absolutely will not buy anything cloud-based, no matter how cheap it is.

Oh yeah, and the EULA explicitly says it uses telemetry logging to monitor (ie, spy on) how you use the software and reports that data back to the developer.  This is hardly a surprise as everyone is doing it these days, but supposedly there's a way to turn that off.  I suggest looking for that feature.  Despite what developers tell you, telemetry is never used to make products better.  With every application I've studied, they always use it as a way to justify cutting features so making the software is cheaper.  Those cost savings are never passed on to users.

The only good thing about this EULA is that it contains no binding arbitration clause.  I have no idea if this is because it's illegal in Japan or not.

PS - I just found out DeviantArt is (once again) broken in the Pale Moon browser so I had to switch to a different browser to post this journal.  Please, DA, fix your damn code.
Nah, I'm not going to talk about Trump, even though I hate the guy's guts.  I'm not one for political discussion, and I know most people are sick of these journals, anyway, let alone interested in my own opinions.  Believe me, I have plenty, but if I share them, I believe it won't make a damn bit of difference.  In this climate of unitellectualism and denialists, where people brandish their homely stupidity with pride like it's a fucking badge of honor, it's pretty clear that facts, let alone opinions, are worth a damn.

However, I'm sure most of you know that's I'm sparse with my journals and I like to talk about things I don't hear about very often.  Given how much I've heard about how Trump will destroy the nation or how we all need to set aside our differences and just get along... well... here's an alternate point of view.

I really hate it when people say that voting for a 3rd party is "throwing away your vote." It's even worse when paired with the depressing reality of any voting system in which most people don't really seem to like their choice candidate.  They're just "voting for the person they hate the least," and trying to make sure the other guy loses.

Both phrases are total rubbish.

When you vote for a 3rd party, you're voting for something.  Whether it's realistic or not, it's progressive.  It means something.  You stand for an issue, or perhaps even several.  You're telling it like it is, and that you're fed up with both parties and their shenanigans.  Even though it's guaranteed that a 3rd party candidate will lose at this point in time, just a few more percentage points every year will send a clear message.  It's difficult, I know, but it's a long-term solution.  It raises the bar, and that task can take decades.  Imagine the panic if a 3rd party had gotten even 10% of the vote.  You'd see some changes in Washington real fast.

This year, the turnout for 3rd parties was pathetic.  It's pretty clear we want that bar pretty low.

I'm certain that when most people say they're voting for the person "they hate the least," they don't mean it.  I sure as hell didn't hate the Democrats the least.  Their showing this election was shit.  I mean, seriously... even a stalk of celery could have defeated Trump.  You'd think they would have learned their lesson 16 years ago facing a twisted-legged buffoon, but... no.

Yeah, the 3rd party candidates this year weren't that great, but at least you had some people out there with the balls to join an alternative party, knowing they would lose.  There were alternative ideas, and certainly more than two bad choices -- even if they didn't appear directly on the ballot.  Between four choices, neither the Dems or the Reps were the ones I hated the least.  Not by a long shot.

There is no such thing as throwing away a vote, unless you don't show up at all.  If you think the Green and Libertarian parties are off their rocker, then show up and write a name in.  At the very least, vote for your local government and questions for heaven's sake.  Tell them what you want, not that you don't care or want the other side to burn in hell.

No good ever came from turning any nation into a war of Us vs Them.  Right now, we don't have a major war going on with an organized military -- nothing large enough to unify the people.  In times like these, it's tempting to seek out enemies we don't need and just fight with ourselves, trying to turn everything into a stark, black-and-white issue.  The world is more complex than that, and we always have more than just two choices.  (Well, unless you consider the local government vote, where almost all of my state's seats were unopposed and the only alternate vote I could make was to not vote for the incumbent.  One step at a time, I suppose).

We don't need to cluster tightly into our urban and rural areas, masking white tape across county lines.  We need more ideas at the table.  You can't get that when the ultimate goal of two parties is to have exact polar opposite positions.  Kind of like those so-called "moderated debates" where the moderator is powerless (or unwilling for the sake of ratings) to stop opposing participants from yelling at the same time.  Who needs intelligent discussion?  We can have way more fun just letting those two old dogs trade nearly identical scandal accusations.  That'll show 'em.

I think it's obvious that we can't depend on our politicians to fix everything by voting them in office and sitting back to watch.  Ultimately, it's the people's job to decide how our government works.  If we have a 2-party system, that's our own damn fault.  I'd like to think it's possible that in future elections, Americans will come to realize that we do have a means to fix that, and they shouldn't be afraid to exercise some choice because, "that other guy could win!"

For half the people, that other guy did win.  Are we a nation of sore losers or sore winners?  Both, apparently.
Hey there.  Normally I wouldn't announce an oekaki update on my gallery pages, but this is a milestone.

At long last, a new HTML5-based paint app is available for Wacintaki, so people will now be able to draw without needing to use Java.  That's kind of important seeing how Chrome, Edge, and Opera have removed support for it, and Firefox can't always submit images due to security violations.

If you host a Wacintaki, you can get the new version from my products page:

You can read the official announcement on the NineChime forum:…

-- Marc
It took a bit longer than I thought (largely because I was playing too many games this week), but I finally got ChickenPaint up and running on my oekaki!  It's an HTML5 app, so unlike the old, dying Java applets, this new one should work on all modern browsers.

I'd like to invite any old fans of the Deep Thinkin' Perverts' Oekaki to take a look and give it a try.  Please note that while the board is aimed at adults, you must register and submit an age statement to see naughty stuff, so there shouldn't be any surprises.

I also have Coonikaki, a separate oekaki board dedicated to raccoons and other ringtails animals.  Both oekakis use the same login, so you only need to register once.

Be aware that if you register a new account, sometimes you may not receive an activation e-mail.  My server doesn't like to communicate with certain "spammy" mail providers like AOL, Hotmail, or Yahoo.  If you register and don't receive an e-mail within 15 minutes, either wait a day for me to (hopefully) manually approve your account, or send me a note here.

ChickenPaint is under evaluation before I'll bundle it with Wacintaki for public use.  There is one nagging issue where the app will try to save images multiple times, and this can cause a lot of issues.  While I try to sort out this issue with the ChickenPaint developer, please pay attention to the notice on the front page of my oekaki boards about saving pictures.

Come by and draw something!  Oh, and please let me know of any bugs.
Got tagged by :iconfox-jake: to post about either of my characters Chris or Rebecca.  Normally I don't go for these, but it seems interesting given that I don't talk about my Backing Out characters very much.  In fact, I might as well do both characters, seeing how don't actually have to draw anything to go along with this.  :D (Big Grin)

Sorry, I'm not in the mood to tag others, as I don't talk to many people on DA.

1. Post 8 facts about your character (but I might do more than that.)
2. Tag up to 8 other characters
3. Post their names along with their creator's avatars


Chris Kanus:

1) Chris is a borderline psychopath, and can be a brawler at times.  He learns morals and ethics out of determination to be more normal, though it's hard to practice.

2) He's a meat lover, and would eat it exclusively if it weren't so expensive.  His wife is a vegetarian.

3) Despite his macho demeanor, he's bit of a sub.  Only his wife knows that, and by golly, it'll stay that way.

4) Later in life he becomes an amateur rally car driver.  This mostly happens after a large amount of damage to his daily driver, as well as quite a few tickets.

5) He's a fraternal twin with his sister.  Dizygotic pregnancies are fairly common among wild dogs (like dingoes) in the BO world.

6) He only truly enjoys music through headphones and while alone.  Anything playing louder than normal conversation is an annoyance.

7) Chris and his mother fight almost constantly about his decision to date and marry a fox, as dogs and foxes can't have children.

8) He works at his job only for the money, and makes a fortune.  He retires in his 40's.  He tries to start a hobby business at home, but the lack of activity aggravates his intense mood swings, and thus he turns to racing cars.

8+1) Dirty secret: He's killed someone, though out of self defense, and failed to report it to authorities.


Rebecca Kanus:

1) She's a total tomboy, and enjoys being a slob.  She gets more feminine as she gets older and has to deal with clients at her job.

2) A 200% sports fan, she watches any game on TV and forces her way into male-dominated neighborhood football matches.  She falls in love with an amateur skateboarder, and later marries him.

3) Wearing baggy shorts on the beach is not due to her masculine fashion sense, but because of embarrassingly-located black streaks of fur on her legs.

4) She hates computers and technology, and always carries a notepad, does maths in her head, and relies on power memory.

5) Unable to have kids due to a medical condition, she and her husband adopt a floppy-eared mongrel pup.

6) She loves to play chess, and can often beat her arrogant brother (which he hates).

7) After graduating college, she starts an insurance reselling company with her husband.  She's the brains and a wiz with legal jargon.

8) She punches everyone she likes in the shoulder.  If they don't run away or stare in shock, they're keepers.

8+1) Dirty secret: Unlike her brother, Becky is fascinated by her mum's bawdy attitude, and loves to sneak around at night and peek on her parents doing  the naughty.  Interestingly enough, her own sex life is quite bland.
Please stop breaking basic navigation.

I know it's hot and trendy to use Javascript everywhere to turn every web site into an "app", but all web designers must remember that browsers track click history for a reason.  If I shift-click on a link, I expect the browser to open the link into a new window.  If your site uses Javascript to suppress standard hyperlink behavior and use proprietary navigation hooks, it completely breaks navigation.

This is also why the "Back" button does not work correctly.  When I click on a link and then use the "Back" button, the browser does not return me back to the previous page.  It returns me to the first page that did not use a Javascript redirect, which tends to be the profile of the current artist I'm viewing.  That's wrong, and makes it difficult to browse galleries on this site.  This is why I have to constantly use shift-click on every link in the first place.  Today DA has updated the notifications list to group all submissions together by artist, and I just found out that shift-clicking on groups no longer opens in new tabs/windows.  This makes it MUCH harder to sift though my notifications.  I'm looking for a way to un-group submissions, and there doesn't seem to be an obvious way to do that.  I'm very annoyed.  [EDIT: Grouping is controlled by the "Stacks" button in the upper-right, next to the "Grid" toggle -- thank goodness.  Status Updates are still broken, but I don't care since I never read them and always delete them en masse.]

Please learn the difference between document and application design, and use Javascript to enhance document design, not replace it.  Otherwise, you'll end up breaking everything without even realizing it.  It's already bad enough that the site doesn't work AT ALL without Javascript, as DA's design isn't complex enough to demand that kind of policy.

Oh, and is totally broken due to its inappropriate use of cookies, and I can't get any Writer previews to work.  I also can't select/copy most text because DA uses drag-able layers for everything.  Copy/pasting causes markup corruption so things show up in the wrong fonts, links are broken, encoding is mangled, etc. etc. etc...

If it ain't broke... don't break it!
Oh my GOD.  How can this place have such a good reputation when they clearly have the crappiest burgers I've ever tasted?

The burgers are very thin so they'll cook fast, and have no mixes or seasoning.  There were globs of collagen ground in, so it was more like eating a sausage than a patty.  They aren't cheap, either, which was really insulting since I asked for a hamburger with jalapenos, and that's literally all I got -- no lettuce, tomato, ketchup, or anything.  Worse than McDonald's at twice the price.  The fries weren't that great, either.  They're often cited as "creamy", but apparently that's because they're left to soak in cooking oil, rather than just fry in them, so it's like eating a slab of grease showered in salt.  If I eat fries, I want something that at least hints that at one point, it tasted like potato.

I have a reasonably easy way to stay on a diet that involves budgeting calories against the flavor and amount of time it takes to eat.  I can look at anything and rationalize whether it's worth the calories.  At 700 calories for a burger and 1,000 calories for the fries, I can't even say my meal was worth worth looking at, let alone eating.  After 8 hours I'm still burping up the taste of grease.  I'm going to be eating salad for the next 3 days to clear my conscience.  I don't even want to think about what will come out of me tomorrow, or at the rate things are moving, maybe a couple weeks from now.

For heaven's sake, don't eat there.  Get pizza instead.  ANY pizza.
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I spent a bit of time cleaning up and digging through some ancient art.  I just realized that if I try to draw badly on purpose, like the stuff I used to do 25+ years ago, I just can't do it.

Seriously, while I kept the simple joined eyes for my Backing Out characters, their fur and anatomy were way different back then.  I used to have an art style I called "peachfuzz" because all my characters had round heads and horrible scribbling to mimic fur texture on the cheeks.  It was so naïve, messy, and crude, and seems so easy to draw, but for some reason I can't do it anymore.  If I do it now it doesn't look the same.

I also have a hard time copying the style of a 2-year-old.  It seems odd to me that trying to do stick figures on purpose, and making it genuinely look like a little child drew it is way more difficult than it sounds.  Apparently, it's true that children have a natural sense of composition, and artists tend to lose it as they move on to more complex and "dynamic" composition.

What about you?  I've seen a lot of people doing that "Draw This Again" meme where you redo an old picture, but have you ever tried to redraw your newest characters in the same style that you used when you were a kid?  What were the results?  Was it convincing and easy to do, or much more difficult than you thought?

BTW, I've told many people I have a fascination with amateur artwork.  I find it charming and a lot of fun.  I get a real kick out of seeing great artists drawing like they did before they started taking art seriously.  Sometimes, artists actually lose a lot of their charm when they improve, and I'm always sad when artists stop drawing in old styles because they're "embarrassed" by their old art.  Don't be!  I'd love to see more of that.  Dance!
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Yes, I did mean to say Balloon Man.  I rarely link to Internet stuff, but this is way too awesome for me to let slip:

YouTube: Mangle, made out of balloons!

The teeth are especially awesome!

If that's not your speed, here's another video:

YouTube: Mangle, made of polymer clay!

I know I've been under a rock for a while, but lately I've become obsessed with Mangle, especially when he's depicted as a dude.  Despite the reference to "Ladies Night" in the second FNAF game, Mangle has always been referred to as a he, both by the night guard and in all references written by Scott, including in FNAF World.  So, yeah, a dude with lipstick.  That just makes him creepier.  :)
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Wheee... birthday today. After losing five pounds overall this month, I had a cheat day and ate pizza and cheese balls. I know my bathroom scale will yell at me later but... its was worth it. I think.

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about my backlog of messages and the huge pile of artists on my commission list. I've made a personal promise to myself that I'll fulfill all my obligations by the end of this month. If I owe you something, please send me a reminder.

Wanna give me a gift? Toss me some ideas. I'm good at coming up with comics, but I really hate thinking up scenes for single pictures. As stupid as it is, that's the real reason why it takes me forever to follow-up on my promises to commission all you nice artists out there.

As for the strange title, well... JackSepticEye reference. I'm so addicted to that guy.  ;)
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I've always wondered if you guys hate it when people ask for commissions, but they give you a character that's NOT in Sonic style?  Do you find it difficult to adapt the characters to Sonic style, and if so, what styles/species do you think are the most difficult to work with?

There's a lot of Sonic-style artists on DA, and I love seeing my characters drawn different ways, but I always feel nervous presenting artists with my inkblot style and ask them to draw them with normal eyes in their usual style.  It also doesn't help to ask the artist ahead of time what they prefer, because the response is ALWAYS, "I'll draw whatever you want".  I find that comment a bit canned and hard to swallow if all their art is in a single style, and sometimes, even follows a single theme.

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Updated February 14, 2017:

I know I don't post much here on DA, but this journal involves many artists on this site.

As many people know, I get a lot of commissions.  A LOT.  Most of the artists I've dealt with over the last 20 years have been really good at fulfilling commissioned work.  In fact, I'm pleased that for an art community largely based on the honor system, more about 95% of artists actually get the artwork done or issue a refund.

However, besides "Artists Beware", there's few places where sharing bad experiences is tolerated, and I can't be bothered to create a LiveJournal account just to post on AB.  There's a culture that you should never speak out against artists who do not honor deals, and I feel that's wrong.  I also don't believe this qualifies as a "call-out" journal, since my intent is to provide facts about a business agreement, without giving specific personal details.

Please do not contact or harass any of these people.  Despite any intentions you may have, this will nonetheless reflect badly on me and possibly the staff of the site on which I'm posting this.  I'm leaving comments open, but if you decide to post something, please mind your manners.  I've already accepted that the commissions will never be finished or refunded, and my payments are now lost.  Many artists are also no longer active or accepting new commissions.

This list is fairly small, as it's reserved for instances where I'm certain the deal will never be completed.  I do not include artists who are taking longer than usual, or are difficult to reach but do actually respond from time to time.  Artists are also not included if they submitted sufficient partial work for the price I paid, or we negotiated a settlement (many people fall into this category).  I'm not going to list criteria for my choices, as all business deals are open to negotiation.

If any artists on this list here wish to contact me, please do so and we can work something out.  This has happened in one case.


:iconlaurypinky972: LauryPinky972 and :iconxxsugarpinkxx: xxSugarPinkxx
- 1 commission since July 27, 2013.  No communication or replies since payment.  Blocked.

Despite her cute artwork and pleasant commentary, she now has finally taken the award for worst artist I've ever worked with.  At least GGod43 made an attempt to communicate with me over the months, while Laury flat out stole my money and shut me out.

After enthusiastically accepting my commission and payment in a friendly manner, she never responded to me again and completely refused to talk to me.  I've made many attempts to contact her both in notes and comments, and every note I've ever sent has always been read within 24 hours, and every comment I post on her pages and journals was immediately deleted.  My last attempt to contact her was in April 19, 2016.  Shortly after, I replied to a person who had posted a comment asking about a commission, and referred him/her a link to my "Buyer Beware" journal.  I was instantly blocked.  She continues to be active on DA, posts new art, and advertises new commissions.  I am under suspicion that there are several people who have been scammed and blocked by her, but I have no proof.

:iconbeaclown: BeAClown (aka :iconbeaclown: GGod43 )
- 1 commission since October 23, 2011.  Blocked on May 21, 2012.

After waiting a few months for a simple color drawing, I asked for a status update, and he claims that he actually drew it, but he lost it while remodeling his room.  He said he would look for it.  A month later, I asked if he found the drawing, and then I instantly found myself blocked.  He continued to participate actively on DA every day, but I was never able to contact him again, and have never seen a sketch or otherwise have any reason to believe he has worked on the commission at all.  He eventually renamed his account to BeAClown, and a few months later he deactivated his account to "focus on college."

In 2013, he opened new accounts on FurAffinity and Inkbunny.  I sent him a note on FA simply asking if he was the same artist from DA (under the name GGod43), and he said that he wasn't the same artist and that confusion happens a lot.  However, on both FA and IB his profile information matches what he had on his DA page, his art style and topics are the same, and most importantly of all, so is his signature (written in cursive handwriting).  He also has a fondness for Godzilla swag and has responded to his real name in a comment.  As far as I can tell, it's definitely the same artist.

He maintains accounts on other sites under the names "Bullet43" and "The Great Dyldo" and still accepts and advertises commissions.

:icondanniowenzz: DanniOwenzz / :iconpeanutsbuttss: PeanutsButtss
- 1 YCH commission since August 19, 2014.  No further contacts.

Many attempts to get a status update since I paid, but no replies.  Is sporadically active on DA between her two accounts and it's hard to keep track of which is her "main" DA account.  IB account appears to be inactive.  Some DA notes are read, some aren't, but all remain unanswered, as do shouts on both her DA accounts.  Latest DA activity was on September 1st 2015.

:iconbacon-and-raisins: Bacon-and-Raisins
- 1 commission since February 26, 2013.  Last contact May 14, 2015.  Last activity ~November 2014.

Everything seemed normal for the first few months, including communication.  Sometime at the end of 2014 her FA page was disabled.  She posted a goodbye notice on DA, citing personal reasons I didn't record in my notes, but were apparently emotionally related.  About a week later her DA account was wiped out (but not deactivated).  Apparently offline by choice.

:icontheroseprince: The Rose Prince
- 1 commission since November 24, 2012.  Last contact June 4, 2013.

I'm one the fence about this one, as a sketch was completed, but I'm not happy with her behavior.  I was presented with a sketch one day after paying and it looked good, if basic.  Over the next few months I asked her three times for a status update and I finally received a reply on June 4, 2013.  She told me a final version has been completed but cannot be uploaded since it was on a laptop she lent to another person (ie, she lost it).  Further attempts were made over 8 months to obtain updates, but she does not reply to my notes or comments.  These days she is apparently only active on DA.

:iconsilverthehedgie0330: Silver The Hedgie 0330
- 1 commission since September 19, 2011.  Occasional contact until February 29, 2012.

Accepted a cash payment through the mail and acknowledged payment.  Communication was normal if sluggish until February 29, 2012, the last time I talked to her.  I continued trying to reach her until April of 2013 when I sent a physical letter in the mail stating the situation and requesting a refund.  She never replied to my letter or over the Internet.  Her DA page has remained inactive since March of 2012.  Based on shouts left by other people, she also owes at least 2 commissions to other people.

:iconanileu: Anileu / :iconakfurryart: AKFurryArt
- 1 commission since October 7, 2013.  Commission completed on February 14, 2017.  Resolved.

Finally after more than 3 years, this commission has been completed, so I'm updating this section.  After over 3 years of waiting and virtually no contact, I need to keep the artist on this list.  However, I believe the artist has made a real effort to complete the work appropriately and make amends, and the work is at a quality level I expected.

:iconcotton-candy-heaven: Cotton-Candy-Heaven
- 1 commission since March 31, 2012.  Gave up after April 6, 2013.

I've had several conversations with her about my commission over the course of one year, listening to excuses the whole way, and I finally just gave up due to the low price I paid.  Unlike most uncompleted commissions, I did not request a refund or attempt a settlement.
Hey, DA members.  Today I saw about 30 journals in my submission box concerning the recent "rude" response of an admin while handling a trouble ticket about traced artwork.

Not one of the journals actually linked to the artwork.

One journal linked to a screenshot of the supposed conversation with an admin, and I didn't see anything particularly rude about the response at all.  It more or less showed a neutral way of saying, "we don't believe it's a trace".

Here's a tip: if you're going to flip your lids and start pointing fingers at admins, it might be a good idea to actually link to the offending artwork so we can determine for ourselves if the artwork is actually traced or not.  All I've heard so far is an endless stream of rage about how DA loves tracers and how much the admins suck.  In bold underlined text.

I suppose I could waste my time trying to hunt down the drama myself, but it would be so much easier and more convincing if, you know, people would just show some facts and references once in a while.  I'm interested in site policy and admin behavior, but I have no interest listening to a pack of impulsive pre-teens mulling about how much the world sucks.

Mob mentality is not a pretty thing.  Don't let it happen to you.
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I think it's time I pushed that last, rather negative journal off my page.

So, I'm sure many people have heard about DA's new commission system, and it seems that the general feedback is pretty poor.  No surprise, seeing how DA doesn't want the responsibility of arbitration between artists and commissioners, which means they are not responsible for handling disputes and refunds.

I'm not here to talk about it, though, since I already discussed it on my FA page and gave DA some feedback.  If you want to know more about DA's commission system, and see (rather negative) community feedback, read about it here:…

Aside from the obvious arbitration requirements, I have some suggestions for an integrated commission system:

1) While a commission is pending, the artist's icon would show up on your page, so everyone knows you're waiting for a commission.  This holds the artist accountable in terms of reputation, not just a private agreement.  Specific info, like price and commission type, should not be automatically disclosed for privacy reasons, but just an indication that a commission is pending is quite a fire under one's butt.  I don't know if the amount of time a commissioner has been waiting should be disclosed.

2) There should be a to-do list.  In a similar fashion to #1, each artist would have a public to-do list showing what works are pending.  Not only does this show how busy an artist is, but it also helps the artist keep track of commissions easier than the established "My Correspondence" thing DA's current system provides.  The artist would also have extra information not publicly displayed, such as how much was paid, and what the payment transaction number is.

3) For heaven's sake, provide a standardized commission info page, with a price list.  Individual commission offers are pretty silly.

4) A built-in spreadsheet so artists can track their profits and get accounting balances.  This makes it easier for them to file their taxes (you DO file business taxes, don't you?)

5) Statistics, so artists can sort and keep track of which type of commissions are most profitable, taking the most time, most/least successful, etc.  This doesn't have to provide 500 different details -- just the important stuff.

6) The ability to cross-link commissions, so the artist only has to post something once, and commissioners can integrate those posts into their galleries.  I'm so sick of people posting links that say, "See the original over there!"

7) Proper credits integrated directly into the gallery, stating (at each member's discretion) who commissioned the work, and to whom the copyrights belong.  People can already do this in the comments, of course, but having a standardized format makes it easier to remember all the useful legal info.  We all know how well-educated people are with regards to copyrights and trademarks!

8) It would be nice, but not mandatory, for the commission system to be allowed for trades as well.  Art trades wouldn't provide any income for DA in the form of fees, but it would probably encourage more confidence in a new commission system.  Trades should, of course be classed differently than commissions, so there's no confusion about a trade that takes 6 months, and a commission that takes 6 months.  That would be bad!

I'm sure I could come up with many more, but that would probably qualify as feature creep.  I'll stick to these 8 points for now.
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I've been commissioning people for quite a long time, and while there's some artists that take forever to get work done, there's few that totally burn me.  There's even fewer that go out of their way to anger me.  Unfortunately, I have to add another bad egg to my short list.

In October of 2011, I commissioned Ggod43 (now :iconbeaclown:) for a color drawing.  In April, I asked for a status update, and he claims that he actually drew it, but he lost it when remodeling his room, and he said he would look for it.  A month later, I asked if he found the drawing, and then I instantly found myself blocked and can no longer send notes or in any other way contact him.  I have never seen a sketch or otherwise have any reason to believe he has worked on the commission at all.

Quite simply, he has flat out stolen my payment and refuses to communicate or even give me an opportunity to negotiate some kind of settlement.  There are some artists who have ignored me, but it's not often that someone goes out of their way to make sure I can't even contact them and hope I just go away.

So, for the last five years or so that I've been commissioning people, he is one of only two people to actively piss me off -- the other person being :iconpuritylf4: .  The only difference being, Purity took my money and vanished from the Internet, forcing me to hunt her down and demand a refund outside of any social network (which, amazingly, I received in full).  BeAClown, on the other hand, has blocked me, and continues to participate on DA every day in plain view.

Given that commissions are private arrangements, DA holds no responsibility to resolve the matter.  Just to be sure, I did ask an admin if there is any way I could contact a member after being blocked, and unfortunately there is not.  So, no, I cannot ask DA for help, and it would not be right for me to expect them to intervene.

The good news is that the artist does not appear to be taking any more commissions, so I guess other people don't have to worry about whether he will fulfill his obligations or not.  Nevertheless, I fully intend to complain about my experience, as his decision to block me is completely out of line, and I hope he does not intend to open commissions again in the future.

If he does contact me to settle the commission or give me a refund, I will delete this journal and post a new one notifying everyone as such.
After a few months of inactivity, I fired up my XBox360 to check for updates and stuff. After the obligatory downloads, I was presented with yet another EULA to read. Oh, joy. As usual, I actual read it, and, as usual, it pissed me off.

Turns out, right after Sony got so much heat about the condition regarding binding arbitration, Microsoft decided to do the same thing... except take it further.

Sony's statement about binding arbitration was very brief, did not include any specific financial limits, and gave you the option to opt-out of the agreement by sending a letter stating your refusal of the arbitration clause. I did actually send a letter to Sony, as everybody should have done*, to let them know that I did not approve of this condition.

* You did have the letter notarized and sent via certified mail, right? If not, good luck!

Well, Microsoft offers no way to opt-out. You either agree to sign away your right to sue, or quite a few things stop working (as far as I can tell, this is limited to demos and the ability to play online, not licensed downloaded games). They also specify limits to the damages allowed by negotiation under certain conditions. The only condition regarding waiver of the arbitration agreement is that Microsoft allows you to refuse any further changes to the arbitration agreement in the future... after agreeing to this one. There is no way to opt-out. Microsoft's arbitration agreement is also many times larger than Sony's, which of course it never an encouraging sign.

As much as I dislike Sony for all their shenanigans as of late, such as removing the OtherOS feature, I find it very surprising that I've heard an endless deluge of nerd rage over Sony's arbitration clause, but I haven't heard a single damn word about Microsoft's new contract. I just found out about this today, by actually reading the EULA.

Incidentally, this condition is only legally enforceable in the USA. The reason why this is happening is because a few years (?) ago, there was a ruling by the Supreme Court that a company could indeed force you to give up your right to sue if you agreed to do so in a software EULA. This is perfectly legal, according to the courts. So, you can fully expect that a lot of software companies, not just entertainment giants like Sony and Microsoft, will be doing this. Chances are, Nintendo does or will do something similar, as will Apple, and it's likely that OSX/iOS and Windows8 will have similar clauses in the future. Maybe even Google will do it, too, despite their distress over SOPA.

So, buyer beware.


Wait. On second thought, you can't beware if the EULA changes after you buy the product. It's just like when Sony injected ads into WipeoutHD after you paid $20 for the game, right?

We're fucked, aren't we? :(
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Yep... finally got myself a DA account!  Everywhere else I'm known as Waccoon, but of course, that's not a terribly original name, so... no surprise it's already taken.

I mostly do furry art and upload it elsewhere, but I'm sure I'll find something [clean] to put on this site sooner or later.

I'm also the programmer of the Wacintaki oekaki board, and am still quite active in the oekaki community.  If you have technical questions about ShiPainter and the like, or have a problem with your oekaki board, feel free to send me a message!