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Hey everyone. 

is still someone following me?! 

thank you for the support over all that years - the golden age of custo (yes, i was there). 

Now that many things are done, i think i can play with some skins again. What do you think about? Re-work on updates, or start new ones? I'm still not running visual styels on my windows (10, on last update. My job needs that). But i started running ElementaryOS at home, so, maybe i can bring something to that corner of world. 

Who are the new guys now? Who is still working alone on the shadows?? 

I'm very happy the be here again. 
See you soon guys. 
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deep in the shadows lol how have you been?
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Heyyyy mate. 
I'm great, and hope you too. 

Light all it up. 
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Good to have you back. Keep rockin'!
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And you too mate
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Hey, welcome home Hug  There's a few of us from the golden age still around here... I wish you'd come back to Windows custo, but I understand. It's good to have you back either way. Heart 
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Thank you very much mate. :hug: 
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Woohoo, someone else who runs ElementaryOS!!!
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haha yeah; 
But i'm still a newbie there ^^ 
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Don't worry, everyone is a newbie at some point, Honestly speaking, the only reason i have to use windows with linux is because Linux is still not on par with some of the apps that i use on a daily basis. If they were, i'd never look back to windows... If you need some tips or linux help, just check out 
A website dedicated to just linux 
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oh yes. i'm doing it for same reason.

Thanks for the hint. I'll check that website
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Sup dude. :D I'm still here too sometimes. 
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Hey mate. good to see you did not jump of the boat :la:
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Lovely to see you back (I remember the golden days too) - seeing some old faces returning here recently which is great news. Look forward to seeing what you come back with.
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i'm glad Joe. Sounds good. I hope all we can work together once more. 
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Yo dude!!!

Definitely we need your art in linux.
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Hi mate. Hope i can try something ;)
Hope for your help
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Hi. Glad to see you back too. I also use Windows 10 on work without customization and elementary OS at home with not too much customizing now
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hey dude.
yeah, that think broke us
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Nice, would love to see some more AIMP skins :)
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yeah. that's target
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Hey!  Glad to see you back.  I'm one of the new guys! lol.  Love your stuff though.  Can't wait to see what you come up with. :)
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Hi mate. Thanks. 
hope to see more of you too. keep up the great work
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