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 Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda Hey, listen!

This is my first trying skinning gtk themes, and there's a lot of dark themes around DA. so, please, don't be rude.

I know there's some bugs to fix. I'm working on that.
I'm full open to all hints of linux users. Theme was built using elementaryOS, so i really don't know how it works in another os.
It was tested on "files" and "nautilus". so let me know about the different "explorers"

It's also my first theme built without any mockup or planning. SO, i promise next ones will be much more detailed and with better quality.

To install:

Extract the zip file to the themes directory, like. /usr/share/themes/
then, select with Tweaks

Please, sorry if I'm writing some big errors. As i said, this whole thing is new to me.

In time, this is an 758# version over Arc theme mods.
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thanks because im using elementary os also