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Sonetto Foobar


really this is a mod! but is mine :D
original version by lassekongo83 [link] (all credits to he)

Plugins needed
- foo_ui_columns.dll - [link]
- foo_ui_panels.dll - [link]
- foo_cwb_hooks.dll - [link]
- foo_uie_powerpanels.dll - [link]
- foo_uie_lyrics - [link]
- foo_bubble_coverflow - [link] (if it downloads as an exe file, just rename it to a dll file.)
- foo_uie_graphical_browser - [link]

- button previous

download too

Sonetto VS
Sonetto Styler
Sonetto Miranda IM
Sonetto Icons
Sonetto Iconpackager

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I like this very much.
but "foo_cwb_hooks.dll" was deleted, omgWaaaah! 
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Oh yeah. 
that is tooooooo old. 
so bad 

maybe i could re-work on that
Nice clean skin shame ive got the latest version..... may down grade for this....

burnsplayguitar's avatar
thank you Ari. 

all the best 4 you
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I love this stuff and the whole vs/theme that you have for this mod. I only wish I had the slightest clue in how to apply it to my OS!! :(
burnsplayguitar's avatar
hi, what is your OS?
jmilot's avatar
Sorry it took so long to get back! I am using Win7 Professional ed., Linux Mint Katya 11, and Mac OS X 10.6.8.
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You & your skins are awesome, burnsplay!
burnsplayguitar's avatar
haha :hug: tnks so much
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Little update for my prev message, i found all the dll's, but that right foobar i didn't find, and install directions still
burnsplayguitar's avatar
yeah, is hard do find the correct version! but i know a site that have all versions of all softwares ( i think)
here: [link]
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
Thanx for the link, but those dll's are still missing, i found these dll's but hose were in latest, and install directions too...damn this software is odd to me...
burnsplayguitar's avatar
hahaha! is very complicate! for me the PanelsUi is the best .dll of foobar! but don't have the continuous uptade and it was lost
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
Yes, but can you zip those dll's and send to me, and that install direction too in that archive...please. Thanx
burnsplayguitar's avatar

i think that is the correct version ( not all dll works perfect) but you can use the skins
NuclearBlasshole's avatar
Ok, now what?? How to install this skin in it???
burnsplayguitar's avatar
copy the skin folder to ".../foobar/panelsUI/..."

Go to Preferences, in "Display" select PanelsUI
and in PanelsUI select the skin :D

good luck
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Which foobar i need where this will work, and can you check your dll links cause some of them are dead, and i cannot dl all the dll files now, and can you please help me how to install this skin. Thanx mate!!
Muufasaurus's avatar
When will this be compatible with the latest foobar? It's amazing..
burnsplayguitar's avatar
i wish soon hehe! but the Foobar doesn't supports the Panels intereface more! and it's so bad :(

but tnks for your comment
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very nice skin! i like it!

but i think a playlist column would make it even better ...
burnsplayguitar's avatar
tnks man
i too! but this, work only in a last version!
you can try the Sonetto 2.0
evocon's avatar
i mean a playlist column that shows all playlists ;)
mantrasiva's avatar
but i updated everyting but i get
The following components are incompatible with this foobar2000 version and will function partially or incorrectly:
- foo_custominfo.dll : foo_custominfo
- foo_cwb_hooks.dll : cwbowron's title format hooks, Tagger Panel Window
- foo_ui_panels.dll : Panels UI
- foo_uie_lyrics.dll : Lyric Show Panels
- foo_uie_powerpanels.dll : Seek Panel, Volume Panel
Please update these components to their latest versions if possible.

and when i click on covers , library nothing happens
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