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Nome Winamp



These skins are part of Nome Suite by neiio

Pack includes extended (CPro) and mini (Modern) versions. 

  • Double click on .wal files to install skin. 
  • You probably willl need resize the extended skin to fit well with the resources
Enjoy it

Thanks to Victhor who helped me with some tips. ;)

See too:

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Application Skins
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  • 09.05.2014 - Release
  • 09.11.2014 - Fix on Notifications Color
  • 09.17.2014 - Added: Playlist/Library/Music Info/Equalizer to Nome_CPro.wal

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I appreiate a lot the way you introduce yourself in "My deviantART Story"... that's class !
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To give you a few examples, cPro Aluminum, cPro2 Aluminum & cPro2 Dark Aluminum are much more interesting to me. With Nome, I'm more excited about the photos of beautiful Alaska than about the 2 skins.
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So, you can simple apply the aluminium skins or use my nome-mine, but i'm not sure you read the description and saw that is modern one. 
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I don't know what you mean, of course I know that all the cPro skins are modern skins, they all have the extension .wal
I have about 30, I started to collect them a few years ago. One of my other favourites is the "old" Erbium by Veroka, with all its color themes ! The default color theme is the one I like best.
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Nice skin, but a major drawback is that it can be resized only vertically... I see here the same problem as in the well publicized Gaia Trinity skin by Victhor...not surprising as you acknowledge the fact that Victhor gave you a few tips.
On my 18.4" screen, it takes much too much room; it looks better on my 27" monitor, but I'm not always in the mood to turn on my monitor. The cPro skins that can be resized to the size of a classic skin will always have my preference.
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Nome main skin wasn't designed to be resized horizontally. anyway, there's a little spot on top right main window, where you have access to do it. 
i'm on, about a little bug on "almos" hidden scrollbars, that are turning difficult the resize work. Already found where it's the bug. 

on small monitors, i suggest you use nome-mini. with its independent playlist

and about Victhor, he helped me with some keys, yep. but I did the work and this design is based on your loved aluminium skin. 
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I wouldn't call my 18.5" laptop screen a "small screen". And 27" is a decent size for a monitor. Of course if those skins are made to be used on a 60" flat TV screen, then I lose, my TV screen is a bit smaller.
And of course I've seen the little triangle on the right that says,"open side". That opens a playlist, which means you can have at the same time the music, a visualization and a playlist. Nice, but the size of the whole skin remains the same.

As to the mini skin, it's very nice, I can have an independant playlist as you say, and even an independant visualization such as Milkdrop or Dr. Glitter (not very well-known, but really at
Dr. Glitter dot com) or one of the fancy Soundspectrum visualizations.

I looked at your gallery, that's a very nice & professional gallery. My gallery is empty because I'm not an artit, but I like and appreciate art. I've been a member of DA fo over 6 years, but I deleted my profile for a few months then joined again (an addiction!!), that's why it looks as if I were a very recent member.

Congratulations on your work... all the best !
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Awesome skin! I didn't think there was gonna be another great winamp skin again. Love it! 

Btw, what do you use to create/edit winamp skins?
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Mine it's not so bad nor so old.. :D .

There is no specific program to do Winamp Modern skins, the gfx can be done with any image processor and the xml files modded with Notepad.

If you want to experiment a bit, I'd suggest you start with Classic Pro skins, which basically just consists in replacing graphics. Or you can go "wilder" editing any xml you can and you would achieve awesome results easily..
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Oh ok thanks! By the way, do you know how to change the color of the menu background when you right click on the playlist and stuff? I'm guessing the default color is that purple-ish color and there are some skins I really like but has unmatching colors when the menu pops up.  
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Yep, quite easy actually, if you have latest Winamp version, just go to Preferences > Media Library > Appearance > check "use skinned menus".
It's not a very intuitive path I know, but it will be fixed for next version (sometime next year).
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Thanks for the quick response!

I opened my winamp and went to the preference under "appearance" but that option was checked.. :[ Which makes sense because some of the other skins have matching colored menus.
So I'm guessing the creators of the skins with this same purple colored menus never specified the color of the menu? Is there some place in the xml files where I can edit/specify it?
Btw, this is what I'm talking about.. 

Sorry if this is becoming a hassle, but I greatly appreciate your help! I've always loved and used winamp but this part has been bugging me for a looooong time lol.
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NP, glad to help. I've sent you a PM!
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Omg I'm so sorry burnsplayguitar! I totally forgot I was still posting messages under your comments loll. So sorry! Stupid Me! 
burnsplayguitar's avatar
haha no problem my friend. 
I hope victhor showed you where to change the the menu colors. 

I really hate when download a skin that isn't complete (at least that menus hahah)
follow this guy. he really helps me a lot ;)

And i really appreciate your comment about my skin =)
trying to do my best. and stay tinned, another one is coming soon
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looks like this on my machine:

another problem is that the window can only be resized vertically
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it's a little hard to find the spot to resize, try it from right side. 

about the web page, i'll take a look. 
thank you for reporting ;)
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I think he was talking about the misplaced buttons on the top player, that's how mine looks too (never managed to get to know what is causing it).

And the SUI part is kinda "eated" from the sides, I don't know if on purpouse, but I think that is making it hard to grab edges (for resizing) and also eats some parts of the inner gfx (like the scrollbars of the web page or the loading animation). I'm pretty sure a not-so-tight "w=-xx" would solve it.
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yes Victhor. just resizing will fix the the buttons on top player. 
i'll work on the rezising fix when we had finished the Unity work 
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Great Update!  Thanks again for doing this.  Wish I could re-fav it! :D

burnsplayguitar's avatar
Ty Jamie. 
but you did the great job ;) 
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