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Museo Workstation

After many requests, (yeah, a lot of it) I'm here to release the Museo Workstation. A fantastic design by yukihatsu.

Some words i need to say again

I really must admit that the project "Museo by yukihatsu" as well as innovative and very beautiful, was a real puzzle to assemble.

i need to thanks here too the ~dmone9 that who I copied and changed some details in the skins of miranda and foobar. and the ~atersken that call me up to make this work!

Notes about skins

¤ The visual style not looks perfect yet, but i don't have the time that i need at this momment! tomorrow and after I have tests again. I only releasing it now, cause for the better screen you need to use the TrueTransparecy and this work is finished

¤ The rainmeter skin not have any image, just load the file with the software

¤I need release the two type of fonts cause some softwares don't understant one to other. So install all

I think that is this hehe! good use of skins


¤ You can find here a awesome version for Win7 by Aron-a-Arts. Tnks guy
Museo Win Se7en
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mahalo for sharing
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it says updated. But I cant see the update, did you change just the image/description or what? curious my friend! :la:
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sorry. There's no uptade ^^'

i was looking to that option to "sell" the skin.
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i love it... but, I can't install the rainmeter file, I'm searching on the web but nothing seems to work to put that *.ini into my rainmeter T.T
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Looks awesome - *Downloads*

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Very nice theme. :)
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its beautifull...

only that i cant configure the foobar skin :(

ohh,the Toolbar Style is for Styler?
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humm! yeah, it's for styler
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I love u :D Joke, but it's great! thanks ;) (fav of course)
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I'd really like to see this as a Windows Vista theme! If I knew how to play around with the files, I'd attempt to do it myself!! But sadly, I don't..
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You're more than welcome bro! :B
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dmone9 has disappeared from deviantart. Do you know where can i reach him?
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It looks great on the preview, but the files made are not 100% usable. Like you said the VS is not finished and looks pretty bad. The foobar FLC file does not work at all. Also the CD Art display skin doesn't show you the track, and attest name. Sorry to map out all the bad aspects, but stuff you need to know to improve on for another full release.

You should fix it up, and give it another release. The Miranda, and toolbar are great though :P
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tnks a lot for feedback nanu!
but the CAD and foobar doesn't work? It can be a problem there too!

you can look for a lot of screenshots on DA! other users could use them normally. i don't know, but can perhaps may even contain a bug, or failure at the time of dowload.

anyway, i'm searching for the problems here! tnks again :D

have a great year
is there a vista version of this?
if there is can some one send me the link
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that i know, just for windows Seven :(
link on description
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