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End Of Life Suite



Burnsplayguitar presents now:

End Of Life

Original suite (by ~THEvalrog ), is for Linux! with permission I port to visual style for XP and I made some skins.

the pack include 7 skins
► Visual Style
► Cd Art Display
► Miranda
► Winamp
► Foobar
► GOM Player
► Deskphoto

► More a README file, with the installation instructions for each skin
► Shell modded by UzuM4k1
► Fonts

- See this too:
- BlackBox
- Litestep by crazyboat

→ Very Special Thanks for *UzuM4k1 he indicated to me the theme, and followed the whole process
→ and for ~THEvalrog , that gave me full support to work, and have created this beautiful theme!

Icons: Sonetto cons and Extras

If any doubt occurs, and the resolution is not in the file "readme" can contact me. the same for Bugs!

Now, download and die happy bwaahahahahha, (do not forget to take a fav before)
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Damnn. What a burn. I thought it was for 7