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Anagrama Foobar

More of the nuDesigns team
100% working with lastest foo version. Copy the components to the proper folder and anjoy

The team

i should upload the AIMP too, but it crashed with my videoKB (still waiting for a new one to access it again)  

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Amazing, but impossible for newbies like me.
im lost....i dont get it how to "install" this theme....
inside the foobar instltion folder i have just 3 folders 
and in preference-display something is missing but i dont no what is....
please i need some help...
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damn. sorry mate. 

maybe i'm too late
how's it coming along with the aimp version? :)
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for sure mate. 
It would be a nice "welcome back"
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Really like the theme! However, instead of the seek bar being that pastel pink(?), it's green when playing and yellow when paused. I don't know if it's because i'm running Windows 10 without your anagrama x skin or what it is. I also tried right clicking on the seek-bar and "configure", but not being a real programmer i don't think there's anything there, able to change it.
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Yep, it loads the colors from theme. to looks like preview, you must using anagrama theme. 
Grab it from here ;) Anagrama X - Windows 10 Edition 
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WOW That's exactly what I expected with a white theme color!
Well done dudes!
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Awesome foobar skin!
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Really great. I would love to use foobar more with that!
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Lets do that. 

thank you
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