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AIMP4 Vertex


Vertex AImp Player

This package includes Dark, Light and Normal versions

Package includes the Porject source 

Original Linux theme by horst3180 

Look to the other pieces:

Vertex - Theme

Vertex - fir Windows 7

Vertex - for Windows 8.1

Vertex - for Windows 10

Vertex - iPacks

Vertex - Wallpapers

Vertex - CD Art Display

Vertex - Miranda

Vertex - RocketDock

12.11.15 - Fixed dock to corners
                   Rezise window
                   Add new color Scheme
                   Playlist tabbar limit size

12.14.15 - Added alternative MiniPlayer to Vertex version. 
                  Correct presentation on skin list

12.15.15 - Added Vertex Light version

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d14gvn's avatar
Hi!!! would be resize back again in future versions? I miss it :(
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Resize is working dude. but the skin is restricted to a minimum size (to show all buttons on top)
Yuukiw's avatar
its nice and all but how do i accses the file browser?
sideden's avatar
Hi mate, where's the volume slider?
Hasthur's avatar
the tray icon feels so out of place. at least if you are using vertex visual style.

but don't know maybe its just me.
zoeid9's avatar
hey dude amazing AIMP4 skin....

how i can make it aio, integrating visualizer in it?

here is a screens hot...

and happy xmas!!!!!!
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Thank you man. 

send me a note with your doubt. i didn't understand what you want. 

Merry Christmass to you too
NicolasVisceglio's avatar
It is an accurate and interesting distribution and diagramation of the interface elements.
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Thank you Nicolas. But i can't take the credits. i only followed the main linux view here as inspiration. 
CaiNAsh's avatar
Amazing work like always. Don't change !
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Thanks man. i really appreciate your comment. 
Edl21's avatar
Where is the sound control panel?
burnsplayguitar's avatar
from right to left, second icon (aside to timer)
Ignocent's avatar
Esse skin é uma beleza! Obrigado Clap 
MequinoxeM's avatar
Awesome Mate , nice skin AIMP
Cleodesktop's avatar
Nice...Good job!
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