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AIMP 4.0 Compatible

Double Exclamation   PLEASE, CHECK THE NEW PLAYLIST MODE  Double Exclamation 
Aimp Flat skin was designed by AnaphylacticShock 
you can find the original work here: AIMP3 Flat Skin 

you can download the lastest version of AIMP on the official site.

  • Aug.08.2017 - Added a Playlist Support skin version. Note: Can't use both modes at same time. So you must change skin to switch between Playlist or ML

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terrybogard277's avatar
This skin is seriously great :D 

I only have ONE complaint/sugestion........PLEAAAAASE can you make it so that the skin is able to maximize and fill out the whole screen??? :D As of now, that doesn't seem to be possible :)
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Full screnn + panels? Or all fixed? 

That's a good idea mate
terrybogard277's avatar
A little hard for me to explain, because I am not sure what you mean by fixed? :D But it would be nice to be able to maximize the player into fullscreen. Just like it is in your picture of the player on the top of this page :D It is simple and it has a very nice design to it at the same time :D

I like the way that the Menu is on the left side and that you still have the playlist and the spectrum/visualization on the right :D The reason for me to want it to maximize, is because that I have a 4K TV and I can't resize the player enough to see what is going on, in the player. I know that I can scale windows bigger or lower the resolution and be able to see the player better this way, but this also makes all my other programs bigger which isn't a good thing :D So yeah, I don't know if it is possible for you to make this skin, so that it is able to max out the whole screen ? :D
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Got what you mean.

About fixed or not, were the positions (on off) of panels. 
I'll think in something. but a fullview is a fair request

Thanks for that mate. 
I'm always looking for the best to users
MunaNazzal's avatar
This was the first theme I use!! about 1 year ago.
too late, but I have to say Thanks :D
burnsplayguitar's avatar
haha Thank YOU. 
Good that an old work still make someone happy =)
MunaNazzal's avatar
YW.. yes, sure It will :D
Classifiedx's avatar
Great skin but it has several issues:

1. I can't move or resize it, the position is fixed on the screen no matter what.
2. Lack of playlists
3. When it's minimized to the mini player there is no button to return to full player state, only a double click which is a little annoying
4. Is it possible to see the Album art when the file is playing?
5. How do I hide the library when playing?

Can you also make the mini player skin more like the original AIMP skin? I think it will look much better with your great minimal design.

burnsplayguitar's avatar
burnsplayguitar's avatar
I know it's a little bit late. but here we go. 

1. This skin is free to move since first edition. You need to point to any solid background and then grab. Check it on this example. 
Aimp 2017-08-25 11-21-57 by burnsplayguitar  

2. For sure, there is no playlist in this skin. To the full working of panels on-off, was necessary to remove it. I can try add a version with a playlist mode (instead ML) on next update. Still trying to solve the problem.

3. Miniplyer has a square button on top-left that allows goes back to full view. I noticed that his center is transparent, what is making hard to point to it. will fix that.  Check the button on example. 
Explorer 2017-08-25 11-26-54 by burnsplayguitar  

4. As shown in example 1 and on DA preview, the album art is currently activated and working.

5. the first button, sided by shuffle button.  

Thanks for hint about miniplayer, looking now (years ahead) it's really ugly and not fit to the skin. Will fix it on next update. 

Sorry for how long this answer came. but i was far from custo last years and now, i'll have some free time to work again (slowly). 
Thanks for support and appreciation. 
Hynvale's avatar
It's good skin but there's no playlist tab :( 
looks dissapointing :( 

But nice work! 
burnsplayguitar's avatar
thank you. Stay tuned, I'll work on this again ;)
sharunks007's avatar
Is it possible to disable the album art popping up when I click on the visualizer area?
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Still trying to find solution to this. Maybe it can come on next update (maybe not)
it's really annoying issue 
TheG0dFatheR's avatar
How do you enable playlists?
burnsplayguitar's avatar
not for now. 
Maybe you can check again in some days. 
Jackaveli's avatar
Good work. Recently All-in-one skins become my favorite..Hi, I'm wondering if this skin supports Unicode characters.
burnsplayguitar's avatar
thanks man. Yes, they save a lot of time. 

where do you want to show the char?
PhenixMightheart's avatar
Hey burnsplayguitar u really did a great job at making this theme up i really liked it thanxx for making this up
but can you plz make a soundcloud look alike visualizer i really like soundcloud and their theme so can you plz make it like that i know its hard but plz
burnsplayguitar's avatar
Thank you very much.
I'll take a look to it mate. But i'm not sure if its so different. i don't use soundcloud, but will check
PhenixMightheart's avatar
thanxx for that i am a big fan of soundcloud and aimp so plz if you can thanxxx :)
XtremelyEvil's avatar
Hey I absolutely love this skin but the maximize button doesn't sem to work.
Is it a bug or is it intended?
I would love to see it work tho.
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