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The Horse Of A Killer

By BurnsLikeIce
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Winner of Blizzard's Comic Contest for April 2013.

As promised, the comic that features those last two solo images I posted.

Inspired by my new BE DK, Burnslikeice. (He's on a different server from my main, so I went ahead and used the same name.)

I tell you, spreading fear and destruction is so much more fun when you're on a sparklepony.
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Aw man I should do that next time I'm in the Death Knight starter area! It'll be 10X more hilarious!
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"Tears of noobs" mount lol
RulerofLegion's avatar
That Lich King facepalm... so funny.
SoulEaterQueen's avatar
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Godammit Leeroy...Sorry had to type that XD
Mccreeperify's avatar
i agree with arthas...god damnit blood elf
Jesterkin458's avatar
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Img I giggled so hard!
DaggerXIV's avatar
The sparkle horse!
RegnbogsRus's avatar
Demialc-neeb-sah-em's avatar
Oh god, it's full of stars! stars and failure!
lrtaaaaahhnt's avatar
I did that, I whent to war on my Celestial steed...and Tyraels charger [I can never spell its damn name], It was funeh
Huggles4life's avatar
You mean, "For the Thcourge!"
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My deathknight is named Sparkles. XD
lrtaaaaahhnt's avatar
hehe I did that :3 t'was fun
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You gotta have a sparklepony when you're a belf, it's just so much nicer! (My DK has one and uses it often, along with the flashy Tyrael's Charger... she's into bling.) :XD:
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This guy is to Death Knight like Edward Cullen is to Vampire.

Seriously it even SPARKLES like Edward!
SolusDarkcoat's avatar
this is hilarious ^^
DragonPud's avatar
i have so done that!
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