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The Family Picnic

By BurnsLikeIce
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World of Warcraft fanart featuring characters belonging to myself and a friend.
This family of dysfunctional Blood Elves is having a picnic on the Tranquil Shore in Eversong Woods. Harvist is the only "adult" present. This is why the family doesn't do reunions often.

11" x 14" ink, markers, & colored pencil on paper

From left to right:
Harvist the Druid (exasperated; friend's) - adopted Rage; got stuck with his family
Feuerkind the Demon Hunter (wings spread; mine) - cousin/nephew
Amilaini the Demon Hunter (tackling; friend's) - Mama
Feuertanz the Demon Hunter (being tackled; mine) - Papa
(Coldas)Rage the Blood Elf Paladin (worried; mine) - youngest kid
Mizzeria the Death Knight (hurling beach ball; friend's) - middle kid
(Burnslike)Ice the Death Knight (narcissistic; mine) - oldest kid

And in case anyone cares, the pets!
Murkidan, Boomy the Moonkin Hatchling, Eclipsus the Felbat Pup, Mischief, Frosty, Kitty the Skunk, & Narcy the Sprite Darter Hatchling.
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