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Moonkin Hatchling EggBox

By BurnsLikeIce
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I started with a lump of sculpey and a plastic easter egg. I ended with a little sculpture that doubles as a hiding spot for small trinkets.

This little Moonkin Hatchling is a gift for a friend. I'm very proud of how it turned out.

NEVER AGAIN! All that fluff texture on the body? Several hours of stabby-stab with a small sculpting tool. The visual effect is great, but the effort spent...if I ever make one of these for profit, it's gonna have a big price tag.

Super Sculpey over a plastic egg base with acrylic paint and a protective clear-coat.

Please ignore my book collection. It was the best background I could manage since it's been raining for most of two weeks and I wasn't about to go out into the cold and wet to find a proper "natural" backdrop.

Moonkin are from World of Warcraft, thus c. Blizzard

Multiview: Moonkin Hatchling EggBox Multiview

WIP shots: Moonkin Hatchling EggBox WIP
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Oh Boomy, the things I have for you~!

I can't wait to get him!  when will the other surprise be done?  =D
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Cute, me wants!
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I love it. It's too cute!
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It is so adorable! Its like every hour you put into sclupting, turned right into cuteness.
And it has kind of a curious, suprised expression, as if its interested to see what you are going to put into it.
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:icondatassplz: those books...