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Zebra Rifle

'kay, this one was the hardest so far. That zebras are cah-razy! Who told them to use stance like that? Ridiculous....
This is a statuette of zebra, so it's pretty crappy quality, so the tail fell off.
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I don't suppose you happen to have any 3D models of this one could potentially build into an actual weapon for a Fallout game, do you? *Hopeful grin.*
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No, my modeling days are over)
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Damn! that looks boss!
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From the thumbnail I thought this might be a statuette of Lancer. Either way I really dig the design you used for that rifle.

Crazy Bipedal Stance GO! :D
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Nope, just a random zebra. Thanks)
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That is pretty awesome!
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There are definitly some nice ideas in this one. I especially like your idea of the hooves just pressing the gun to the shoulder. What I am not so fond of, is the mouth grip. It irks me a bit, that you are only able to shoot while looking through the scope and you head tilted to the side. That would definitly be a disadvantage in close combat.
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I don't really like it eather, but it's only way that I see for this kind of stance will work. Besides, only this model is scoped. It's fine with regular sight.
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I still have to design a proper Zebra weapon myself. But I think my Pony weapon designs work pretty good already though.
And yes it is pretty difficult to come up with a design for Zebras.
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That's excellent. Though the better wiped than striped bit doesn't seem right as that's directed against Zebra. Great artwork thoug, I really like it.
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It's equestrian statuette. If it was zebras production, there would be a pony with an assaut rifle. Glad you liked it) Took longer that I thought.
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You're welcome, still looks great. I can imagine one of my Steel Rangers, Crosshair using a similar rifle
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