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Little Gilda

Finaly finished. Biggest and most complicated gun I ever made. Little Gilda is a dismounted anti-aircraft cannon from the book Fallout: Equestria. Based on real aircraft cannon Mauser BK-27 LKCV, 1,063 cal. I made her as close to what I imagined as I could. If you have questions, fire away, but not sure if I'll answer them. I re-made Gilda 4 times, tired of this girl. That's why statuette looks so crappy. And coloring too. Sorry about that, but I'm burned out for now.
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Hello. May I post this art on Derpiboory?
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Have you ever thought about doing a pic of Trottenheimer's Folly?
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well fuck my weapon ideas shot to shit.

a 50c tri-burial long tube Minigun, with imbedded recoil, stability, and demining gems. and a whole bunch of other teck.

the idea was to take the range and power of an AM rifle, and fuse it with the speed, clip size and RoF of a Minigun.
Look up the GAU-19/B.
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That's one sick ass gun you got there. :D
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looks good, the square tubing on the back can be structural and funnel rounds to the chamber, though the gaps at the top create weaknesses, love the sliding bar for recoil dampening, you nailed that. Really like it, and as always, I'm stealing your design XD
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Inside the metal "tube" there is rubber-tanium tube, so it's not THAT weak))
Be careful, she's a bitch to draw)
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ah kk that would definitely help, probably one of the guns I wont draw multiple views on XD
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Dude, that's awesome!
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That's awesome. Looks a lot like the weapon Kkat said inspired it, too.

I'm not going to try to wrap my brain around a pony-portable triple-barreled 27mm cannon though. xD
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This looks Pure Genius. Attention to detail and keeping the weapon, logical and canon are above and beyond what I could have imagined. :heart:

Just taking my time to really look ar this weapon, the slot where it originally would have fitted into a mount is visible and neat looking. The trigger/firing mechanism looks like it could be operated by both a pony and a Griffin which is an excellent bit of forethought on your part Burnout as Little Gilda was probably operated by ponies originally. The battle-saddle looks brilliant as well, comfortable too which is a nice personal/functional little detail as a really uncomfortable battle-saddle would make the weapon ungodly annoying and uncomfortable to operate.

The colours whilst not amazing, do fit the weapon as it has likely been exposed to the elements over the last 200 years, giving it a bit of a weathered look as it is. Shadows, shine and light are as always, excellently applied. Butcher Statuette is also good for your first Griffin, compounded in difficulty by the fact she wears Griffin Power armour. Overall a very good first try for a griffin. Also "Size Matters" is absolutely appropriate for Butcher's Statuette.
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hah, glad you ended up using those reference pictures i gave to Tonto.
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Yep, that Mauser looks pretty cool, thanks^_^
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thats cool, i usually dislike Miniguns in Fallout but thats awesome
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Well, it's not a minigun after all))
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its a Rotary Machinegun, firing rounds from each gun barrel i assume
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Always pictured the three barrels as being separate from each other, and mounted on a huge harness.

But that's ridiculously impractical, so this works better.
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Separate barrles were my #1 version)
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I always imagined it as a single barrelled doosy...
BurnOut42's avatar
Chapter 18, 3 barrels are canon)
SgtMuffin's avatar
I guess my mind just skipped that because it would be utterly impractical.
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