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The Experiment :iconcheesium:cheesium 119 19
Mature content
Kacie's New Job :iconcheesium:cheesium 102 18
Mature content
Meeting Jessica :iconcheesium:cheesium 156 15
Mature content
Test Subjects :iconcheesium:cheesium 90 10
Mature content
The Whatever It Was :iconcheesium:cheesium 62 6
Mature content
Rentals 2 :iconcirclesfortrees:CirclesForTrees 40 4
Down in the Dumps
Alice was down in the dumps. She gave a big sigh as her cheek pressed against the warm, sun bathed ground. At least it was a nice day, she thought to herself while trying to stay positive. But who was she trying to kid? There was nothing good about today. Thing could not get any worse than this. Alice's mind wandered aimlessly as she laid there on her own. How would she make it on her own now? Will today ever pick up?
"Whoa, what's this!" exclaimed a voice from the distance. Alice snaps out her thoughts and did her best to see who that was. She unfortunately could not due to the situation. Alice began to pout, considering how rough the day has been for her. But that did not last long, however, as she felt the grip of fingers grab the sides of her head and lift her from the ground. Alice smiled brightly as the mysterious person turned her head to face them. Her eyes grew large at the sight of person who picked her up. It was a cute guy!
"I've never found a head here before." the cute gu
:iconcirclesfortrees:CirclesForTrees 94 12
Mature content
Tune Up :iconcirclesfortrees:CirclesForTrees 70 12
"And that's how I ended up on this shelf!" I made sure to say with a smile on my face. The man across from me just tilted his head in confusion. "Is something still wrong? I thought I did a pretty good job at explaining why my head is here."
"Yeah, but..." he said while crossing his arms. He seemed to be at a loss for words. "Okay, I get that you're only being rented out and not actually for sale. But why are you actually.. ya know.. on?"
"What?" It took me a second to realize what he meant. But I got it. "Oh! Well that's easy. Since I volunteered for this, I'm left on so I can let people know why my head isn't for sale. I uh, hold on." I needed to blow my hair out of my face, since my hands were else where in the store. I wasn't getting much done, but thankfully the customer brushed my black hair behind my ear and out of my hair. "Thank you! Now where was I? Oh right. Normally there are a lot more rental heads out on display, but we are near closing time and I seem to be the last one
:iconcirclesfortrees:CirclesForTrees 62 4
Kelly, after the accident
“The short answer is no. We’ll never be able to restore you.”
Three years ago, this strange man in the tailored gray suit looked grimly at me. His name, I think, was Dr. Mayhouse, or something. All I remember about our conversation was my near-panic, my inability to breathe.
I swallowed hard and said, “You mean, I’ll be like this for as long as I live?”
His gray eyebrows furrowed. His bright blue eyes darted to the side, regarding my legs in the chair next to my bed.
“The guild can help you adapt to your new phase, help you with …” he closed his eyes hard and opened them wide—a weird nervous tic. “… with equipment you’ll need to hold your two halves together. But no, a transformation that was interrupted can almost never be reversed.”
Two mornings before that day, I was in yoga class, arching backward in a pose I doubt I’ll ever be able to do again. That night, my friend Jenny and I drove to the o
:iconjujuszabo:jujuszabo 68 11
Strange Relaxation
"You're going to love it, I guarantee it," Emily said to me as we walked towards the mysterious shop she'd been telling me about.  "Just try to keep an open mind about it, will you?"
My name is Stephanie.  I've got blond hair that I usually keep in a ponytail, and I'm of pretty average height.  My friend Emily is a little taller than me and has chin length black hair.  I'm pretty reserved, and Emily is more outgoing and adventurous.
And now that introductions are out of the way, I guess I'll share the details of very strange experience we shared.
Earlier that week, Emily kept going on and on about a weird new shop that had opened up nearby.  It was allegedly a new, experimental kind of "relaxation lab" as I understood it.  She told me she had gone to it three times already, and she was dead-set on getting me to come with her on her next visit.  I asked her what kind of stuff they do to their customers, but she refused to elaborate, saying I wouldn't b
:iconridley19:Ridley19 87 12
Laramie's Head
As she sat in the reception room, Laramie felt like her fake head was a sack of apples pressing down on her neck. It was too heavy and always on the verge of tipping off. She hated the way it looked. It was like a department store mannequin, staring off blankly into space.
Laramie lost her real head six weeks ago at the state fair. She was working in a sideshow tent billed as "The Headless Woman." First thing in the morning, a magician, a real one, would make her head disappear in front of the ferris wheel operator next door. She would spend her day sitting in an easy chair with a mess of tubes that seemed to stick out of her neck pumping fake blood into a weird-looking machine nearby. She wore a cheesy sixties-era pink gabardine suit and, when the magician tapped her on her shoulder, she would pull off her white satin gloves or remove a patent-leather pump and adjust her stockings—intricate little motions that only a real human being could do convincingly. She didn't know where
:iconjujuszabo:jujuszabo 57 15
A Writer's Guide: Believable Characters
I know a lot of you out there are aspiring-writers (I’m one myself!) and sometimes we get so caught up in this “must publish!” attitude that we get lost in our stories along the way. Sometimes there comes a point when we stare at our half-finished novel and say “I’m stuck. “ Usually these moments happen when we don’t know where we’re going next with our story, and usually that’s because somewhere along the line we’ve strayed off the path and we aren’t quite sure how to get back.
One of the things that you may find helpful if you’ve never done it before is to take a really in-depth look at your characters and the world they live in. Characters are really the backbone of our stories. You can carry an entire story on the shoulders of a character without much plot (memoirs anyone?), but you can’t carry a plot without some great characters. So, to help you guys out, I wanted to write an article on things you shoul
:icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 932 150
Ash's Parts by Franktonius
Mature content
Ash's Parts :iconfranktonius:Franktonius 174 18
Mandy's Fleshmite Hive
“Hey, I’m home!”
The electric, metal door to Mandy’s apartment slid closed behind her. In her hands were two plastic bags filled with cheap, prepackaged meals. The brunette let out a sigh as she traveled further into the tiny apartment, dancing around the various pieces of scientific equipment and moving boxes cluttering the area. Most of the boxes had “Property of Rebecca Wong” stenciled on them. Looking past the mess into the little living room, she saw her blue blankets and pink pillow still resting on the small, surrounded couch where she left them that morning. Her black boots tapped against the cracked linoleum floor of the kitchenette. The countertop for the minuscule kitchenette was already covered with various dirty beakers and measuring instruments, as well as some leftover take-out boxes, but Mandy cleared a place for her groceries once she dumped some of the trash into a nearby empty box.
“You home, Becky?” Mandy calle
:iconkiller095:killer095 41 33


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