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TUAoLC - Tendrils part 1
The lady in red sat in front of a bar in Acapulco, she was satisfied. She just managed to negotiate the trade agreement on the export of Mexican arms to China, in exchange for the import of nutmeg, cloves, and pepper from the Dutch colony of Indonesia, and a safe trade-route through the Pacific. The arms will then be smuggled from China to US port towns, and further smuggled right into the hands of the United Tribes of America, who'll exchange them for peyote, bison, and other goods otherwise made difficult to access due to the conflict. These'll get smuggled back to China, from where they can be exported into the rest of the world for high profit. The Mexican boarders may be heavily guarded, but nobody suspects China to have an investment in the conflict. And even if a shipment gets caught, everyone'll only see a bunch of rag-tag criminals trying to profit off of the conflict. Nobody would suspect this respected European noblewoman being the brain behind the operation.
She opened a bo
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Puppies of Problems by BurningResurrection Puppies of Problems :iconburningresurrection:BurningResurrection 13 1
Mature content
TUAoLC - Bloody Jungle :iconburningresurrection:BurningResurrection 1 4
TUAoLC - zombies
Zombies. Most people would imagine a rotting, shambling, re-animated corpse, hunting for the flesh of the living. But in reality, the term describes a much wider range of (formerly human) entities.
Various kinds of diseases, parasites, and even more unusual elements can turn a human (or even a human corpse) into an aggressive predator craving the flesh of their former kinsmen.
The Cannibal Virus
Originating in Africa, and introduced to North America (especially the Confederation) through slave trade.
The virus spreads through bodily fluids, mostly saliva and blood, but it's (luckily) not strong enough to become air-born. It attacks the infected person's brain, and begins to remove their inhibitions. They gradually loose the ability to feel fear, pain, compassion, or any sort of emotional attachment towards anything. Instead, it fills them with constant hunger, and a craving for raw human flesh that's comparable with a heroin addiction.
Unlike the common image of a zombie, the infected
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