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One of those cliche shoe photos from the rooftops...
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Nov 17, 2014, 10:49:53 PM
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I am so sorry.. I just think this picture is awesome and soo stunning! >.<
I just looked at it and was like: WOW! Damn, how did he climb on the roof?! xD I reaaaally like this picture and hope to see more of this awesome stuff! *o* I mean.. the colors are awesome, the idea to see your shoes and your feet dangling over the roofs~ <3 And I especially like the view of the stairway.:3 Son't know really why.. Just looks cool... Like a spiral sucking you in while your watching it. xD hihi
So I apologize that I really can't criticizes anything.. Like really nothing. ö.ö
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Thanks for the glowing review! :D I'm glad the photo works on a few levels. I think the stairway is cool because it shows the way I got up there in the first place! :D
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i knew that only someone who's not scared of heights could take such a beautiful pics and this one proves it:D (Big Grin) Heart 
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Thank you! The funny thing is I was scared of heights. I started going on the roofs to get over it. There was a time when I wasn't even able to get more 5 floors up a fire escape before I freaked out. Now I can go up without a problem. :D
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i admire you courage and progress you've made  ^^
apparently it's so rewarding because it allowed you to take fabulous pics
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this SO reminds me of Mirror's Edge!  So cool!!
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One of my favorite games!! :D
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Reminds me of Mirror's Edge. Awesome perspective.
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Thanks! I love that game and it's a huge inspiration! :D
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Nice shoes-I mean-shot! :D
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You're welcome :)
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Where do you get the connections to get up on those rooftops? A friend? :)
burningmonk's avatar
I don't have any connections. I'm just very sneaky.... :ninja:
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Wow! Super scary, have you ever had a close call with the cops?
burningmonk's avatar
Nope! I was spotted by employees once or twice. They asked me to leave and I just apologized. As long as you're not trespassing indoors I think people just aren't too worried. They also spot my giant camera and immediately get what I'm up to. :D
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That's really cool. You take such fricking awesome photos that way. You should share some of these with…
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Haha, that's a funny subreddit! :D
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That's pretty cool. In America that's super illegal, lol.
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must be fun to hang out with you and jump from one rooftop to the other. Not literally of course. :)
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I take people up sometimes. Though I do occasionally jump from roof to roof, but over small gaps of course! :D
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What is your secret to get access to such gorgeous places ?
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Well, I'm very conscious of being able to get up off the ground and I actively search for places with access. Just look up a lot! :D
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