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Place of Worship

By burningmonk
A shrine to the god of tech in Ikebukuro
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1/250 second
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42 mm
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Date Taken
Nov 25, 2018, 2:09:01 PM
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PAGANO70's avatar
I love this contrast of a confuse modern technology to the Church, a window to a spiritual life...
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Glad you like it! :D
ancoben's avatar
Or technology taking over, but the colours in the stained glass are beautiful
burningmonk's avatar
There is a metaphor in place here. :D
ajkareze's avatar
Excellent ! ^^
makepictures's avatar
Wow, religion sure needs a lot of power..... thought they produced their own energy.
burningmonk's avatar
Haha, good point. :D
comic-burn's avatar
burningmonk's avatar
A bit, but also very beautiful to me. :D
DeathSongMP3's avatar
I get your point ;) the shot is incredible, indeed !
Ramog's avatar
The Japanese have enough respect for building a church that only 1% of the people which live there are even a part of.
Markotxe's avatar
I did not want to hurt anyone (especially not the Japanese for whom I have great respect), pointing to what the picture shows, that is, so many cables against the walls and in front of a stained glass window.
I would have changed my first comment if dA allowed it, but as you answered, it's impossible. So I hide it.
That said, is it the Japanese state that builds places of worship such as Catholic churches ?
Ramog's avatar
Well I don't know if the state has built this church but even its existance speaks of itself. I mean it wouldn't stand there if just 1% of the population would be for it and the rest against it. 
I mean in the picture it looks like its straight over the window but couldn't it be on the other site of the street? Also I would guess that the elecrical pole is higer than a person and that the photograph found an interresting spot where it really looks like its really near at the walls.
And I am not hurt by any means I just wanted to make a point about it.
Dorshiffe's avatar
also, in my humble opinion, the main purpose of a stained glass window is to shine a light inside the church and/or to tell a story that's to be read from inside the church as well
this view is not from inside the church
and concerning the church itself, it's obviously neo gothic, so it's possible (unlikely though) that the wires were here before the church was built
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