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EDIT: Aug 28th: 6:41PM Eastern standard time

2.5 h remaining! Remember you can double your chances of winning by entering in both! (For Instagram, remember to comment on the threads to get your numbers!

YOU CAN participate ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMS WITH one of these links:
My Facebook ~ My Instagram

So, here I was prepping for Otakuthon Montreal when I decided to print a few extra posters of these 2 prints.

I did this in a hurry so I never cut the prints and stored them properly with the rest of my work.
The convention came and went and in my hurry I packed the extra prints poorly… and so they dented. D:

Now, I could never in good faith sell dented prints…. but I thought I might be able to give them away!
So I cut them out and they’re not so bad but still not up to my standards. The cut sizes are: 8X12 inches

Here are the Conditions and Rules to participate:

For DA:

  1. You must follow my DA
  2. You must share this journal via either:  Your own journal, status or poll or share to a group
  3. You must comment in this journal "Burning for Free stuff!" to receive a number

 I’ll announce the DA/Instagram winner on August 28th
that will be chosen via random number generator.


  • You must be willing to supply a mailing address for a home or apartment. No P.O Boxes. (I’ll ask for an address only if you win)

  • For U.S.A & Canadian residents shipping is free but I will have to charge a small amount (3$USD) for international winners for shipping. (Sorry… International shipping is pretty pricey around here but I’ll be able to pay a part of it at least, I just need a little help. We’ll discuss how it happens if you win.)

  • You CAN supply a friend’s address if you want to send it as a gift. (But the 3$ will be applied if it goes to an overseas destinations.) Also take note that these posters are slightly dented.

  • You cannot receive more than 1 of each print (meaning you still have a shot at getting both the Kingdom Hearts one and the FFXV one once if you participate in multiple platforms)

And good luck! <3


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Chenria's avatar
Burning for Free stuff!

shared through a poll:…
Also watching you now. Your art is awesome! I never win in such things, but having found your art is already a good thing :3
BurningArtist's avatar
Well I wish you the best of luck!
I'll be pulling the winner from here on Monday! :D

Your number is: 005!
Chenria's avatar
Yay! Thank you! I am excited :heart:
BurningArtist's avatar
Pssssst. Psssssssssssst: Guess what?

The only remaining Poster is the Birth by Sleep one so I hope that's okay. :)

Send me a note with your address & details!
HinataOC's avatar
AHHHHH! YAY! That's actually perfect! That's the one that I wanted! I'll send you the note right away!
BurningArtist's avatar
Yay! That means everyone got the one they wanted! I'm so happy! :D
HinataOC's avatar
Oh perfect! I'm so happy too!
BurningArtist's avatar
TheWanderingHero's avatar
BurningArtist's avatar
Thanks a bunch!! Your number is: 003!
TheBizarreKazeko's avatar
Watched and shared!
Art print raffle (not mine)

Burning for Free stuff
BurningArtist's avatar
Awesome!! Thank you! <3
You get 002!
Nienna-Wolfenheart's avatar
well, why not?
Burning for Free stuff!

Shared ya. Hope it helps love <3
BurningArtist's avatar
Thank you hun!
You get 001 for DA/Instagram!

Remember your numbers for the draw! FB is on the 27th and DA/Insta on the 28th!
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