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Heey there,


Every Sunday I will submit a resource file for the upcoming weeks. Just click on the thumbnail below to get the resource. Feel free to use it in any of your pieces, but do NOT alter them in any way.

Hope you'll find them usefull!

Mystical_Planet_Recource Desert_Planet_Recource


My submission for the current Exotica contest…


Deadline is till 30aug, so there is still time!


Recent space work:




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Very nice resources you have here! Can those planets also being used in commercial projects - for example as cover artwork with a rendered and postworked scene where your planets are visible in the background? Anyway thanks for sharing them!
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Well yeah, that depends.
Ofcourse if much money is earned on a project or is in need for some custom modification i will ask for some compensation.
But all the resources are free to use non commercially.
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i thought that artist can submit only one image per sub-contest :confused:
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ey your right .. stupid of me *changing catergorie
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great space works...when i watching on yours planets i cant undertood how y make that detail texture:/
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I look forward to your upcoming collabs. Those are some great artists you are working with. Makes me jealous! You guys and your wonderful talent! GAH!
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Glad you're keeping up with your good art! B-)
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good luck!
nice work
RoyalBlade's avatar
geil spul man :thumbsup:

btw, boxen nog kunnen fixen?
Burning-Liquid's avatar
nopez..:( maar ga nieuwe halen..[link] owyeah:D
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Chyeah man! You need to get on msn my friend.
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I am... damm time zones:p
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nice piece ^^

one day, will you make a demolished planet, in fragments ? =)
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hehe have to think about that... pretty good idea though:)
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