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Terra Nova

I really needed to make a 100% space piece again... well here it is!:)

Hopa ya like!

Comments and :+fav: are very appreciated:)
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What can you say about this new Earth?
Awesome :D Piece of Work
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Beautiful image! Good job ![link]
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Is this based on the show?
One of my ALL-TIME favorites, still have a printed copy on my wall, along with a few of your other space art prints!
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This (including the others) is good for background to any draw/art! :)
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Wow! Your planets are fantastic! Thanks for your generosity.
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It is beautifully beautiful and remarkable. :D :love:
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Nice, I actually use this as my Desktop background. You´ve got potential.
Say, could it be that you post these backgrounds on wallbase?
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not me.. those a rip off.
But thx 4 the comment:)
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it make me wonder if those are natural beauties or if they were tarraformed by someone. artificial or not, stare at those worlds woud be amazing.
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This image is magical. I can't get over it. You've made a beautiful planet here. I wonder if the smaller dwarf-planetoid should be a little farther away or even smaller - cause of gravitational and orbital issues... But I know absolutely nothing of astro-physics so I'll stfu now. No matter. Lovely.
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That is awe-inspiring. Continue to create works like this.
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good stuff, i think the smaller planet could be a little smaller for a better sense of scale... or thats just a ridiculously huge planet. love the starfield.
It's kind of super-earth planety type... and this massive moon ...mmm ;)
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Yes! All the pieces are falling on their place! The universe's secret is revealed!


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Wow... Freaking amazing. I wish I could do that...
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Hello new desktop background. :P
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Ooh, very very pretty! ^_^
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nebula look really realistic ;)
Absolutely outstanding!!! AMAZING! Your skill is extraordinary, keep it up!
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