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Forever in a Moment

Sometimes simple works best...


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Another wide-version without the planet!
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wow.. i like your wall very very much! can you make another version without the planet!
Thankyou so so much!
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nice... is this taken with long exposure or u blurred the water later on your self in photoshop?
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That would be an awsome sight fishing.
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If only for a moment...
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The colors contrast so nicely in this piece. Very nice job framing the red with the bridge. Also, great reflection in the water...just enough but not overdone.
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So cool...
It'd be nice if I really could see saturn from there :)
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you dont reply to your comment do you?
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I love the colors in this Very Nice Job :D
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Unfortunately no waves... :( but I like it nonetheless :) :+fav:
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Beautiful work once again.
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incredibly beautiful
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looks good bl, but if i may suggest one thing regarding the piecure itself. It looks like the lens has some serious vignetting. And you get the sphere look from the center towards the edge. But hell, its a cracking good piece man, lovely work on those colors
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to be on that pier
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Super awesome work!!!! I love it. That is so cool. Keep up the great work. :) :)
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that's awesome! nice colourz!
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Very beautiful. Wish I was there.
I really like it... It's so really but still a dreampicture...
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Love the semi simplicity here. *sigh*
Only thing I'd personally have liked more, is if you hadn't let the art continue in the framing, but that's just preference I guess :)
I adore your color use x.x
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Perfect? yep it is
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Beautiful colors :thumbsup:
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Very much enjoy the warm colours in this. The man fishing adds that little bit of life to the piece. Great work.
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