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This is just too funny.

this is why one does not mess with bananas

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Hello! This comic is hilarious. Would you be okay with me dubbing it, given I credit you?
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Sure, you doin a Youtube thing? Just give credit in video and a link in the description to this page. (sorry I was late on the reply, it's been a while since I've looked through my previous posts) I am a dummy!  And send me a link to your dub, I'd love to watch it! Heart :happybounce: 
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im proud to say i enjoyed this
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Luna: sis, what the heck are you DOING in there

Celestia: oh nothing just having a banana

Luna: doesn't sound like it, sounds like you giving a blo- never mind, I'll never quite understand you
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you're supposed to peel it first
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I don't think she intended to
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When you try to be sexy but fail
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Twilight: Princess Celestia, how do i actu- HO OBOBOBOLOB NOPE
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This is just hilarious !!! LOL !!! :D
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Celestia and bananas... have a history.
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Love Luna's reaction. Stitch clap plz 
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You'll make another one like this? I have an idea: She makes a plan to give a guard a letter for an order to let the rest of the guards the free day for valentine. And then she tells him for coming for a second letter and then the guard enters to her room and Celestia can has her moment.
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Well then that just happend.
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