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Honest AJ...

Oh, Applejack, you're so honest! But seriously, I think AJ is better as the element of Loyalty, seeing as she's ALWAYS there for her friends and family, even at the cost of her own well-being. Dashie is the honest one, she may run her mouth, but she calls 'em as she sees 'em and her friends respect her for that.

Oh well...Applejack (Flabbergasted) Plz

*Featured on Cheezburger by Pesari!
*Featured on Equestria Daily by Calpain…

OMG thank you so much!!
Es increible! 
Spatula reference from FimFlamPhilosophy's Mentally Advanced Series:… (@ 13:30)

This guys is genius with dialogue and has cracked me up with every episode, check him out!
Read it in Spanish here (translation by: ):
Honesta AJ... by ArcaneSparkle       
| °J° ) /') *Brohoof*

MLP is (C) Hasbro
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Boulder Not Happy by lynx318  Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1I'm also offended AJ!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2
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Applejack: "Applebloom, you're grounded from Scootaloo."
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yay! I'm not the only one who thought of that!
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yeah, i think Applejack should be the bearer of loyalty, since, well, just like me, she puts her friends over her own well being.
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OMG maud showed emotion!
s sorry
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A sack of rocks is NOT "dumb", AJ.

Therefore, how can Derpy be "dumb as a sack of rocks"? Your lack of logic disturbs me...

:iconmaudpieplz::iconsaysplz:...I like the way you think.
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Completely agree with your AJ is loyalty and Rainbow is honesty comment. It would have been hilarious with Rainbow as she would have honestly beloved in her outright narcissism.
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hey now applejack, thats not a nice thing to say about derpy :(
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:iconmaudpieplz: :iconsays3plz: It's amazing that she's able to easily squeeze inside your mailbox.

:iconapplejackreally: :iconsays3plz: AND she's only done it five times with week so far...
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Applejack (Facehat) Plz :...and it's monday -.-
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Maud: "How dare you! I'll have you know that Boulder happens to have a PhD in physics /and/ geology!"
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you know, it always confused me that people really believe that Apple jack and Rainbow dash need to change elements.  Honesty and Loyalty are two sides of the same coin, Being loyal can be the same as being honest and Being honest can be the same as being loyal.   The truth is that Rainbow can tell a fib and WILL tell a fib(even if she's a poor liar).   Hell, she'll make a mistake and try to spin it like it was suppose to go that way.  Apple jack will constantly own up to her mistakes, and at times, her own Honesty will get her into trouble (she said she wouldn't come home if she didn't win the rodeo, well, she kept that one).   again, this confuses me.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Dashie couldn't be the Element of Honesty; she could only manage Element of Tactlessness. She's not the best liar, it's true, but she'll still happily try when it suits her. It's only the social lies that she avoids, and those only because she doesn't think before she speaks. Honesty's not perfect for AJ either, but it fits her well enough.

Besides, AJ doesn't have Dash's sense of noblesse oblige. AJ would make a fine Loyalty, but Rainbow makes a better one.
AJ: no I'm have nothing against rocks. In fact some of my best friends are rocks.
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Fluttershy pinkie and twilight are all FINE elements.

Applejacks one doesnt make any sense NEITHER does rainbow dashes.

Swapping those two around would have been a good call in the beginning.

Also on a side note you might find interesting...

Rarity = kindness

Fluttershy = generosity.

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Another failed delivery of the mail by the worthless Derpy.

The lives ruined by Derpy are numerous.

Your letter to your wife?
The green card renewal application?
You application into college?
Your present to your dear grandmother?
That final notice of a long overdue bill?

Oh you mean the dying brony community after season 3 and 4 and now 5 will shoot it and put it out of its misery Oooohh BURNED!
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What did that have anything to do with what I wrote?
Sarcasm Deal with it.
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Even sarcasm needs to be relevant.
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Lots of people forget that Rocky actually has a degree, even though it took five sequels to do so! (For all those who thought I wasn't going to make a joke about the Rocky movies you clearly don't know me that well)
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Wait, what was he doing with that spatula? (Nevel got the reference ;) )
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*spatula floats around face* 
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