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Hello, everyone!

This comic was in line for a while, but feels like justice for Fluttershy from the last one:
Louder, Fluttershy! by Burning-Heart-Brony
*Equestria Daily Feature! OMG, thank you so much, Calpain!…

:coffeecup: rvmp I love coffee, myself, and feel like I should cut back, but my Rainbow Dash mug would be lonely and unused, and I CAN'T have that!

Right Arrow What you would like to see more of?  I love MLP and it has inspired me to draw more than I ever had. If u dig comics the most, lemme know. If you dig splash pages, tell me what you want on 'em. Action, romance, waifus, whatever; the world is our playground!! MWAHAHAHA!! *cough cough* ... MWAHAHA!!

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I would put Supa hot fire and it will be perfect 
DubStepina's avatar
lol it's so adorkable how Pinkie has a curler on the tip of her mane hahaha :XD:
latiaslatiosfan52's avatar
At first I thought that it was a few foals
meiyeezhu's avatar
It's like one of Tony turner's Stuck in a commercial sketches
Blackbird2's avatar
Hello Pinkie.  It's you're old friend, Mr. Sun.  Here to help you start your day with a nice, hot, piping cup of Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas coffee.  
Abi-Sain's avatar
I've never considered Pinkie Pie a morning pony. With all the parties she puts together day by day, it's no surprise she's so crabby in the mornings.
I'm pretty sure Pinkie doesn't know how to be crabby.
QuantumBranching's avatar
Well, that's one advantage of being able to break the fourth wall: talk back to those annoying ads and be heard!
Centaur71's avatar
I don't blame her; those damn jingles get in your head after awhile
you better dont piss off Pinkame.. ee i mean Pinkie Pie
karkovice1's avatar
She forgot to take a mane curler out before going to bed. =P
templar127's avatar
mmm.... Coffee!!!
tyruvelp's avatar
did she just yell at (and get a apology from ) the radio or the big voice announcer man?

way to break wall 3.5 pinkie 
latiaslatiosfan52's avatar
It's just the third wall, there's no half to it
tyruvelp's avatar
except radio is only one way
latiaslatiosfan52's avatar
Yeah so is the fourth wall dumbass
Zalleus's avatar
Well excuse YOU miss Cranky Pie.
Flame486's avatar
/wishes I could relate to complaining about waking up too early. 
Used to be that morning was considered part of the night for me. Now I'm waking up before 8:00 without my alarm clock. 
nuke1007's avatar
heh yeah good times when you has to wake up at 6:00 and you stay up till 1:00 @_@ it's been a long week.
MrUnimpressive's avatar
Pinkie Pie is correct, and this was my first thought…, unfortunatly
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Lol, loved the Panzer...
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Even Pinkie needs her caffeine first.
FizzPuff's avatar
Hahaha. I wouldn't be too happy with my neighbors ether. Wait, who is her neighbor? 
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